Saturday, November 8, 2008

Prem Kahani - Story of Prem

(The following story is a purely fictitious one and any resemblance to any scripts of any movie studio is co-incidence.)

Ash Taj Films were seeing some rough run in the past year. People always remembered their best ever hit Binbulaye, Dulhe Le Jayenga (Story of the girl planning to kidnap her lover who wants to stick to the tradition of marrying with Maa-Baap ki marzi). That story may have been inspired from Meera's blog. Looking for another comeback, they chanced upon Prem's story and picked it up. A final review was scheduled between the creative team and Prem .

Scriptwriter began with the scene where the love blooms, "As the love blooms in that room between the two friends, We will show it as a room in the house on that lonely road. All the roads are deserted as there is some violence erupted and both of them are forced to take shelter in that room and that is when love blooms."
This is what happens when a sixty year old scripts a modern day romance story, thought Prem as he said, "Its not the room as you think. It's a google chat room. And the roads were deserted not because there was some violence, but because it was the IPL Final Match. But two souls, myself and Simran, were least interested in this game and so we found solace in that chat room. I sat in front of the system at around ten in the morning and when we finished chatting, I found that time was still ten. I thought time had stood still especially for us. Only when my mother yelled at me from the kitchen, 'Turn off that damn system and come to dinner, will you?', did I realize that it was ten in the night"
The lyricist who was present there had a song ready, "Kambakth Pyar ko kya batha Waqt kya hoti hai. Usko tho do dilonse matlab hain"

The scriptwriter moved onto the scene where the girl proposes after they meet in the ice cream parlor, "The sweetness in the ice cream makes the heroine crave for sweetness in her life. She was not able to sleep. She calls the hero repeatedly and every time he picks up the phone, she feels shy to say those sacred three words. But finally she makes up her mind and just messages them over the mobile."
Prem wanted to shout at him for spoiling the entire proposal scene, but controlled himself and with a calm voice, "The sweetness in the ice cream didn't allow her to sleep because it increased her tooth ache. The tooth ache led to a swollen mouth after the doctor injected something and did a root canal. So she was not able to say those sacred words. So she messaged me... And she is not the kind who would call five or six times and just waste the currency without saying anything... Gimme a break...."
Editor who was present there said, "Yeah, its the right time to bring the interval on the screen and that too the word Interval would come as if typed on a mobile. Howz that?."

Post interval, the scriptwriter wanted the movie to move like this, "Prem is not able to convince his parents to accept the girl and so he becomes a modern day devdas. His end would be a classic. Like those tragic heroes, Prem just stands in front of the approaching train welcoming his death with both hands...."
Prem was totally pissed off. He held the scriptwriter by his collar and threatened with a very cold voice, "Abhe saaley, I would have you thrown on the same tracks, if you end my story like this on screen. I have not become devdas or anything like that. If I don't shave every two days, I would have to lose my job. If I booze and come home, I would have to sleep in the kennel meant for Bond, neighbor's dog. Our love has not diminished even a bit. On the contrary it has strengthened a lot. We haven't seen each other in the last three months. But still our love is still strong. I believe what Osho says, 'Don't fall in Love, Rise in Love'"

The scriptwriter was beaten blue by Prem in the presence of the entire team.
The Director was focusing on Prem as he walked out majestically and then focused on the scriptwriter who was lying on the ground in a very bad shape, "Now. This would be a perfect ending. A different one and the one no one has seen. Don't fall in Love, Rise in Love"


Priya Joyce said...

haha lol
that was reely modern...
ahh poor scriptwriter..
yupp I agree with the last line..the so the scriptwriter is not eligible..he fell in luv na:P

Lena said...

loved the ending, totally, absolutely... awesome line :)

Keshi said...

LOL u did it again!

**If I booze and come home, I would have to sleep in the kennel meant for Bond, neighbor's dog.

Im so glad atleast one guy in this world knows where to sleep if they come home trashed! ;-)


Keshi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Meira said...

Say, I like the title 'Binbulaye'.. for my kidnapping plan :D

santoshi said...

hi this is my first time on your blog. I liked your blog title{sing my heart out)

Cinderella. said...

LOL ! BUt why did he have to beat the bichara scritwriter ?!

Suresh Kumar said...

@ Priya
some old people will not recognize romance even if it comes with a nameplate

@ lena
Thx. Your tuesday ramblings r too good.

@ keshi
its the reason why i dont booze. My father has made it clear where wud i sleep if i come in that state :)

@ Meira
Your kidnapping plan is fav for my GF and thats a problem for me. Therefore i cant forget that blog :)

@ santoshi
Thx for dropping by.

@ cindrella
Bcoz his love was insulted :)

Meira said...

I'm sure you're not introducing her to me :P
I might put some weirder ideas into her head :D

Cinderella said...


really funny... i must say..

loved this post :)

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