Saturday, November 22, 2008

Top Secret!

UK has Ministry of Magic, US has X-Files . Can India be left behind. No way. It has what is known as Anhonee Kendr set in the year 1947 itself and so popularly called as AK-47. It was set to assist the military by focusing on the paranormal, strange happenings and whatever else there is that is not normal.

On that fateful day, two of its members were at Prem's house. It looks like that they need him for their mission. One of them is a 60-year old with a white beard and spoke with the calmness that reminded Prem of Ravishankar. The other was a middle aged woman who was very strangely dressed and looked to have jumped out of a RGV movie. Does she have some dolls and needles and lemons in that dusty bag she carried thought Prem.

After explaining the organization and its functions for the nation, the old man who called himself Lateeq started highlighting on their contribution, "After studying some old manuscripts from Ashoka's time, we are in the process of giving anti gravity powers to our soldiers on the border. They can defy gravitational pull and throw them self at any enemy soldier at ease and without difficulty. what do you think?"
Prem found it hard to swallow, "I don't know much about gravity or its pull. All i know about gravity is what Einstein said, 'Gravity is not responsible for people falling in love'. I presume with your soldiers hopping around freely, it would look more like a zanier version of the crazy frog video rather than a war zone'

The lady who had a strange name to suit her, Dushareera began to tell her, "You know zombies. I have created an army of zombies who will guard our border all night and even a pin drop would alert them. So now there is less border-crossing happening at night. "
Prem was now sure what this witch did, "You use black magic for the advantage of the army?"
The lady laughed that matched a hyena's mating call and said, "No. There are many displaced call center employees because of the recession. They find it hard to stick to a day job and get a good night's sleep. So I have identified the best among them and placed them on the border. Now they have a good day's sleep and our soldiers a good night's sleep"
Prem questioned "Now do you know there are some who don't sleep in the day and can't get a sleep in the night.... That's the ...."
Dushareera was quick to understand and interrupted, "We can't hire them. They may be physically present, but mentally absent. Even if our base is bombed, they wouldn't be aware. "

This was an insult, thought Prem and so erupted "So what do you want from me?"
Both of them looked at each other and Lateeq came to the point , "Our soldiers sometimes act like High School children. They take leave on a monthly basis so as to see their dear and near ones. Now If that could be avoided, it would be a relief to the seniors."
Prem was still confused, "I don't get it. Where do I come into picture."
Dushareera spoke this time with a smile that told Prem to be careful, "From outer appearance, you look to be leading a joyful life without the pain of separation. But our sources say that your pain of separation is not that anyone can endure. Anyone else would have gone to depression by now. You have not broken down. So we need to study you so that we can make each and every soldier endure the pain of separation as easily as you do.... "
Prem was not willing for the same , "A guinea pig!!! Me!!! No way....." Saying so, he prepared to leave the scene.

But Lateeq caught hold of him and tied him down with his own fists and Prem found it hard to come out of that clutch. As he was trying to come out of the knot, Dushareera just injected him with a syringe. Prem cried out loudly from the pain, "No.... No..........".
When the syringe was pulled out, Prem saw the doctor advising his parents, "The fever seems to be very high.... I think he may have to be put to examination."
Prem thought to himself, "Am I hallucinating... Or did Dushareera really inject me...."


Priya Joyce said...

**The lady laughed that matched a hyena's mating call

haha hilarious...a post with lots of humour...
ahhh! the syringe scares me...:P

Meira said...

Did she? Didn't she?

Anonymous said...

;-) hey Suresh!


Dawn....सेहर said...

WOW!!! amazing story I must say...until I reached the end of this story :) ...awesome flow dear
Keep up the great work

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