Friday, November 14, 2008

The Simulation

Prem had not much problem when it comes to decision making whether it be in the office or at home. But the problem was with his love life. Words from Simran echoed in his mind, "In any love, it is the boy who has to take the tough decision."

In Prem's office, they have installed a new simulation software that enables to tell how a system and its variables would behave in a uncertain future event and that too over a business cycle of around 8 years. Prem thought "Had there been such a simulation software to test whether a marriage could be successful or not". And Wow, this new software did not need inputs to be feed by the user, it just took it from his mind (Technology knew no bounds). So it took the variables from Prem's mind (that is Prem and Simran) and started the simulation technique to Prem's Surprise.

The simulation looked more like a Disney Cartoon Movie where the characters faces resembled some heroes'. Here it took the face of Prem and Simran from Prem's memory. The software placed the two variables Prem and Simran six months from the current time in their family roles. User Prem remembered him telling Simran of how their lifestyles differ, he rising early and being the one who doesn't like night outs. Always had the doubt whether Simran could adjust to the same. The software just read his brain waves and simulated such an environment.
Oh No! As he was viewing the result, Simran was still in bed even though it was 7.00 clock. As a user, Prem was able to control his behavior. So he decides to throw a bucket of water on Simran. And when he was ready with the bucket lifted, Simran who was pretending to be asleep suddenly rose. Prem just lost his feet and fell on ground with the bucket of water over his face.
Lets see where the girl is, at 7.00 PM, thought the user Prem. So he had the simulated Prem call Simran over her mobile from his office and what he hears over the mobile, loud music. Oh No! thought User Prem, she is at the Pub. Wait! Wait!. The mobile again rings. And when he sees his video mobile, he sees Simran standing in front of their home television with the News Channel showing the date and time. Earlier just to irritate Prem, she had put on the music system and stood next to it. Simran had a nice comment, "Feeling like Will Smith from I AM LEGEND where he races against time to be at home before sunset"

Lets move a bit forward. Prem belonging to the orthodox vegetarian family with traditional values wanted to know of how his girlfriend would stick around.
And so the time was set to six years from now. And now there were three variables. Prem created a new variable, a younger version of Simran, a five year old daughter. User Prem forced the simulated Prem to say something to the younger Simran when the latter wanted to visit her Mother's place, "No, Its a place of Cannibals who feed only on flesh and blood. They not only cut the head of the chicken, but also the cut of humans. They can't control themselves, when they see a huge knife. You can go. But better be careful." Simran calmly said "You can go to the other granny's place. They will make you wake up at 4.30 in the morning, have a cold bath. By six in the evening, you have to be at home and by eight in the bed. Go there.... It is somewhat like the boarding school your friend goes" But she was telling it in a very cool fashion that only brought a smile to Prem's face, "Let's stop the fairy tales"

User Prem now wanted to see how they would behave after The Seven Year Itch. The computer was just reading the mind and it showed an empty house and Simran packing her things and Prem packing his belongings and the younger version waiting at the gates. User Prem was really tensed up. OMG! Did his love fail. Ab Kya Kare? Then he saw that both Prem and Simran sat in the same Alto vehicle with the chubby younger Simran in the back seat who cried out loud, "Around India in 30 days," Now User Prem got the pulse of the situation. The dreams of both Prem and Simran was seeing the light of the day. Prem wanted to write a book and needed inspirations and Simran wanted to tour the entire India. Both of the dreams has come alive with this India tour during the vacation time.

As his job required, Prem was required to pass the software. And he did that with closed eyes


SRJ said...

Valle Kathe Suresh. Nimma thoughts channa igede.

If you are into Simulation for Decision Making do email me.

Priya Joyce said...

**Simran who was pretending to be asleep suddenly rose. Prem just lost his feet and fell on ground with the bucket of water over his face.

I found this as thebest am still imagining the

Cinderella said...

its such a lovely story.. may it come true in many lives :)

Dawn....सेहर said...

Thanks for visiting my blog :) which made me to come all the way here to read a nice story :))
but what Simran used to say
"In any love, it is the boy who has to take the tough decision."

caught my mind as is it only boy who has to take the tough decision...? what about girls?!!!
I think equally they do too :)

Keep writing

Meira said...

Goodness...imagine if more projects got okayed using the logic of the heart rather than the brain! It'd be good :)

Suresh Kumar said...

@ srj.
hmm. some serious simulation there.

@ priya

@ cindrella

@ dawn
that's what one of my friends had to say. Her thinking is that boy has to decide between his family and girl. Girl anyway wud be leaving her family.

@ meera
projects or otherwise, people use brains. Congrats again to you girl. Continue blogging

Meira said...

Thanks :)

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