Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Devil's Offer

Prem was really in a mood to interrogate the Almighty and get the answers to his questions. He had lost the serenity to accept things as they are neither did he had the courage to take things forward. It seems that he may have to lose Simran forever, which he was not ready to.

Looking up at the sky, he shouted "Why me? Why can't I have what I want?". Suddenly like a rocket, Prem got propelled forward up into the sky. Gravity had no more control over Prem. But half way, he got stopped on some top most floor of a high skyscraper where a secretary invited her, "Our CEO would see you in a minute." The secretary in her mini skirt and the other staff (all ladies) reminded him of the Kingfisher Calendar. 'Was he in Mallya's office', thought Prem.

The CEO was playing golf inside his cabin as Prem was showed into the office. Introduction from CEO left him speechless, "I am the devil. I heard you cursing my competitor and thought I could make you an offer." When Prem found it hard to believe that, CEO had his Secretary show him the complete Hell.

After the tour, the devil had Prem's attention. So he began his offer, "I am not God, who makes you wait for the rewards. I can give you Simran. But in exchange, I have to take something from you."
Prem was listening and just blinked his eye and so the Devil Continued, "All I will take from you is the love of your parents towards you."
Prem instantly found it disagreeable, "Love is a complete circle. I have learned to give love from my parents. If I am deceived of that love, what love can i give to Simran."
Devil with an evil grin, "You know what your favorite star SRK told in Baazigar, 'Kuch Pane keliye Kuch Khona bi Padtha Hain. Aur Jo Haar kar Jeetha Hain, Usko Baazigar kehthe hain."
Prem had seen the movie umpteen times, "And In the end, he neither had Kajor nor Shilpa..."

The Devil was not the one to be discouraged and continued, "Ok. Here is another offer. You can have Simran and enjoy the life with her. But You may have to forgo your ambition and goals in life. And have a decent life bereft of the excitements and challenges"
Prem couldn't believe this, "Your offers are hollow to me. Love is the backbone of Life. You can't break my back with that love and make me bend to you like that. My soul is not for sale."
Devil tried to explain, "I am asking you to be content with small things in life and lead a simple existence. You can sing together, 'Chota sa ghar, hain ye magar....'"
Prem, "Please don't sing. I presume this is one way by which you torture the hell's residents.. by your voice..... It's not about simple life... You want to kill my spirit... I want challenges and excitements and I want her support in that tough times... 'Tum dena saath mera o humnawa... Jab koi baath bigad jaye'"

Devil was very upset that he couldn't corrupt Prem's mind, "Let's do it in reverse. You give up her love and I will give you the best life where you can achieve your goals and ambitions."
This upset Prem and he was about to take the devil by its horns, "Giving up. Its not there in my dictionary..."
Devil interrupted, "Actually its not there in any dictionary. It's two words.."
Prem got infuriated, "Don't advice of what should I do to get Simran in Life. I will do what I can to have her in my life, if that means waiting till eternity.... "
Devil was not amused, "I am not running a consultancy firm to advice you. I am having package offers. There are many takers, if not you... And don't give a speech on love and spoil the minds of my followers" and he told his assistants, "Push this soul back to Earth and get me someone who has lost everything in the market crash. They are good candidates"

When Prem found himself back on earth, he was in the amusement park and that the roller coaster ride which he was enjoying with his friends had come to an end.


Meira said...

What if he accepts the offer, gets Simran, and in true bollywood fashion, kills the devil when he comes to collect his soul.
Oh wait..this is hollywood style (Ghost rider)
Good going , Prem :)

V. Archana said...

aahhh...thats a nice offer ;)

abhishek said...

i vud have taken the devil's offer...atleast he offered something

Priya Joyce said...

ahhh I guess the offer is cool..baad ki baad mein sochenge..wat say?

Suresh Kumar said...

@ All,

If devil were to contest in the coming elections, he would win by a landslide.
It looks like that to me from all the comments :)

Keshi said...

And the devil wears Prada, so Keshi is going shopping with the devil for a lil while!

TY for ur kindness and all the encouraging words in my blog Suresh. I will miss u too, but dun worry, I'll be bak soon :) TC see ya mate!


Lena said...

good narration and some of us could really learn a lesson.. though tough to find people with no corrupt minds nowadays

Cinderella said...


m having a real gud laugh ..

keep writing :)

moi said...

Hmmm .... the devils offer seems to be interesting and funny, really nice one!!! is there a part two for this??

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