Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Looking for an answer

King Vikramaditya was tired of the daily routine of piggybacking the bethal from his tree house to the graveyard. He was looking for a change and had updated his resume on Naukri and Monster job sites. He had one such interview call from a call center where his job would be to transport the telecallers from the office to their homes, that too at around midnight. Not much difference in the job profile. He didn't knew whom to hand over the charge of transportation of this bethal character for the day. Luckily Prem came forward.

Unlike the valiant Vikram who always carried the branded sword, Prem preferred to use the long knife carried by the local rowdies at Kalasipalyam(Bangalore hot spot). And apt for the moment he had let his hair down and wore some torn out jeans and a t-shirt with strange symbols. And the bethal to his surprise looked more like the dementor character from the Harry Potter Series.

Piggybacking the bethal character, Prem began his journey on that dark street bereft of any street lights. To lead him, Prem had brought his neighbour's dog, a ferocious doberman named Bond. It seemed that the bethal character was a bit terrorised by the dog.

But showing a fearless face, The Bethal in his usual fashion threatened Prem, "I am going to tell you a story, at the end of which I will put a question to you. If you fail to answer the question, I will have your skull smashed to thousand pieces". Prem hated such threats and the way bethal spoke remembered him of his father and his threats, "These types of half-baked threats will not work with me. I am not Vikrama and I don't want to listen to your silly third standard moral stories. Let's have a role reversal. I will tell you a story and put a question. If you answer improperly, I will not take you to the cemetery.... " Bhetal was happy on hearing this. But the continuation part really hit him hard, "... Rather have you buried here itself and let the dog devour you to pieces and eat your bones".

Thus began Prem's story, "Long Long ago, there lived a princess in a beautiful city of Mangalapura called Deepika. Like Rapunzel, she sang at a high pitch from the top of the tower overlooking the entire city ... " Bethal interrupted, "And who is Rapunzel ?"
Prem didn't like interruptions, "Its a fairy tale character. I have the fairy tales downloaded on my system. I will give them to you later. You can read them at leisure either inside the cemetery if you are feeling cold or hanging upside down from the tree if you are feeling hot."

Prem continued the story, "Her voice traveled in the air and was heard in a distant place by a book keeper. The book keeper worked for the royal palace of Surapura. No one else heard that voice except the book keeper who went by the name Indra. Thus grew a friendship which turned into a sweet relationship. Under the cupid's influence, the book keeper turned into a poet overnight. Like kalidas, he started playing with words. One day his talent was discovered by the king and thereafter he became one of the gems in the King's court.
As the relationship grew, his creations became better and he was his own competition as there were no opponents for him in the three worlds. The king began to shower on him praises and titles and gifts. At the same time, King also had made it very clear that if the quality of the poems came down, he would have the book keeper hanged."
Bethal who had his one eye on the dog had to comment, "Love is so stupid. But It is an important catharsis. A person who was living in the numerical world was now transformed to the world of dreams and illusions "

Prem was surprised by this remark, "U heartless fellow, How do you know so much about Love. Do any lovers meet and exchange sweet nothings under that tree of yours in the evening hours.?" He didn't wait for an answer
"So this went on for some time as seasons changed. Then one day, the princess questioned the poet, 'It's only when I wish to communicate with you, that you can listen to me. So, if one day, I stop talking with you, what would happen to you.' The poet was really at loss of words. He was not prepared for the same and didn't knew how to answer.
Now comes my question, If the princess were to do as she says, what would happen to the poet. Will he be able to continue writing poems, banking on the inspiration he had still now, and that too as good as earlier if not better and win rewards from the king. Or will he lose his talent the minute the princess departs him and thus lose his head also."

The question had the bethal looking for his head so as to scratch it. Prem didnt want to give too much time and like in any game show started the countdown, "10... 9...8...7..."
"Wait... Wait...", announced Bethal, "If I am not able to answer, there are lots of my fans who will be willing to try." Looking at the computer screen, the Bethal continued, "There are two options...
A) The poet will die as soon as the princess goes away from his life. He may die because of separation or because of hanging.
B) The poet will continue and will write still better. If earlier he wrote on love, later he will write on separation
If your answer is A, SMS A TO 14369
If your answer is B, SMS B TO 14369..."
Thus saying so and catching on the momentary lapse of attention of Prem, Bethal started his flight back to his tree house. When questioned as to why he was returning to the tree house, "Network is better available over there..." came the witty reply.

Prem was not like Vikram to give him a hot chase. Rather, he just ordered the doberman, "Bond, go get him" Thus Bethal had to run for his dear life....
(But reader tell me what is you answer and kindly let me know the reasons.)


Keshi said...

do we HAVE to choose A or B, or can we hv our own answer too?


Suresh Kumar said...

Sure you can have your answer too.

Meira said...

"Tu nahin th koi aur sahi..." :P

Priya Joyce said...

I guess its B coz he's think about her and her departure from his life wud make him write touching pieces..

Keshi said...

Sorry Suresh I cudnt get here any earlier. Here I am now :)

If I was the poet I'd choose B yes. Cos Separation may break our hearts but that shouldnt make us die.

I know wut ur gonna say now...dun stop blogging just cos some friends left right? :)


Suresh Kumar said...

You hav stolen the words from my mouth.
And I hope you would continue blogging and stop thinking about quitting.
A small break is OK but retirement... its too early

Keshi said...

awwww Suresh...tnxx!

**A small break is OK but retirement... its too early

yeah its not like Im George Bush of Blogville or something right? :)


Keshi said...

but then again Ans B can work this way too..

**Cos Separation may break our hearts but that shouldnt make us die.

That means, even if u or I leave Blogville earlier than we thought we wud, whoever who remains will continue writing right? :)


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