Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Heart Touching Story

One of the X-men seems to have escaped from the Xaviers Institute and reached Prem's locality. (for more information on X-Men and the series, click here). This mutant is gifted with the ability of erasing the entire memory of that special person or thing which is given a top priority in your heart by a simple touch of his palm on your heart.
Prem is on the run as it seems that this mutant is on his trail so as to erase his girlfriend Simran from Prem's memory permanently. Now who has given this mutant the Supari. Could it be his Dad...

Prem needed a hike and luckily he got one from the beautiful Mallika. The lady was all praise for the mutant as her husband had returned to his normal state. Her husband was a die hard fan of Katrina and her legs and his heart was always HOUSEFUL screening her images. After giving the morning respects to Lord Ram's sandals, his next ritual was to worship Katrina's Long legs. But on that fateful day, in his dream state, crooning along with his ipod, he sang Zara Zara Touch Me, Touch Me with full josh and closed eyes in front of this mutant. The mutant was really touched and so he laid his palm on the man's heart and completed his wish. And One Touch on the heart did all the trick. No more images of Katrina on the 70MM screen of his heart.
Prem grew paranoid thinking that Mallika may hand him over to the mutant and so he decided to change his route.

So he then stopped a children's van which was heading towards his place. Tomboy Sumana who sat next to the driver, had made this mutant her favorite uncle. It had a flashback too. There was this aged teacher in her class who hated children especially Sumana and in his heart always liked to whip her very hard. That day, as the mutant was passing by, he saw the teacher whipping Sumana with the cane, "Didn't I tell you to learn by heart, didn' I. What I did I tell you?" The mutant only heard the sir say 'By heart' and the child repeating it with a scared look, 'By Heart'. The mutant thought that the Sir was challenging the kid to touch the heart with that cane in hand and so he went ahead and just laid his palm on the teacher's heart and literally the teacher had a change of heart. All the hatred vanished. Now the entire school is known for kind hearted teachers who rarely scold the children thanks to Sumana and her mutant uncle.
Prem didn't like this news a bit and asked the driver to stop immediately. He decided to continue the journey on foot.

But unknown to him, the mutant was nearby at the temple, where the seer was giving a discourse on 'Identifying oneself with God'. The mutant had heard about this seer and was there to offer his salutations. He laid the gifts and the fruits down and bowing down, 'Is there more I can do ?'. The Seer just touched the heart with his hand expressing that he was content with whatever his devotees had to offer. The dumb mutant didn't get the point and just laid his palm on the Seer's heart and left the place. Only Lord Krishna was residing in the seer's heart and phoonk, it was gone. When one of the young devotees questioned the Seer , "Can you tell me how to identify Shri Krishna when he comes in front of me?", The Seer with pure innocence and complete ignorance looked at the devotee, "If you can't identify him, don't take it hard. He may be in a position to identify you and talk with you...". The answer had calmed the anxiety of the youngster. Everyone was full praise for the Seer and his Lord Krishna. But the next statement from the Seer made them drop their jaws, "BTW, which Krishna are you talking about. Is it the one who is contesting in the next election or someone you know ?"

Then when Prem was about to reach his home, there was the mutant, waiting for him near the Gates. Prem knew that running or begging would not be a good idea. In a split second, the Mutant was close to him and had already laid the hand on his heart. Prem just couldn't bear the thought of forgetting Simran and closed his eyes and cried out loud in pain, "Nooooo, Noooooo......". When he opened his eyes, he found not the palm of the mutant but the stethoscope of a doctor resting on his heart. The doctor was breaking the news of his illness to his parents, "He seems to have high fever. Take well care of him."

Prem just knocked on his heart to check if Simran was still there.....


Priya Joyce said...

man the last part specially the last line was funny + romantikk..gud combo dude.keep tat up

I reely loved the very last line..

Meira said...

hehe! He's not going to forget Simran so easily :)
Good for him

abhishek said...

i've reading ur post for quite some time nw...whts up with ur every post being abt prem and simran.

abhishek said...

nice post btw

CяŷştąŁ said...

The last line was fab..
Good one!

Simran..thank God no Raj here ! :P

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