Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I Miss You

Simran was reading the Cinderella story before going to bed when suddenly she started missing her boyfriend Prem. Then Cinderella's Fairy godmother just jumped out of the book and presented Simran with a wrist watch. This watch is very special. No! It's not like that Mr India's watch that will make one disappear. Its not even the time travel watch that will take one back and forth the time zone. Its a Miss You Watch. The Fairy godmother explained the concept like a economy teacher would have explained the demand theory, "See. Whenever Prem misses you, this will give you a beep. The beep is directly related to Prem's heart. The more he misses you, the beep will be more in numbers. The less he misses you, the less would be the beep times." So saying, the fairy godmother vanished.

It is not usually before eight, that this disciplined girl wakes up. But that day, not only did she wake up at six but had the entire tenants in the building wake up at six. Thanks to her wrist watch that beeped and that too at a high pitch and didn't stop for five minutes. Simran gave a small smile to herself thinking that 'Instead of meditating on God, my boy is meditating on me....'

It was a crowded bus with no room to spread the legs. Somehow Simran was maintaining her balance. This was a daily routine for her which she had mastered and it was the only bus that took her to the destination - a beautiful place called office. Suddenly her wrist watch which she had kept in the hand bag started beeping. When it didn't stop after a few seconds, everyone got tense. When one said, 'It could be a bomb', others joined him in the hysteria. The whole bus was emptied in a minute. Then the beep stopped. After a brief search by the conductor, the bus started again and now Simran had got a seat. She wanted to thank Prem for missing her at that moment.

The whole morning was spent by Simran at office on making the presentation for the Aids Day Special. In the afternoon, she sat for the lunch in the cafeteria leaving the hand bag in her cabin. Her boss wanted to congratulate her on the presentation and came down to the cafeteria. Her boss was a person with a hypertension problem and gets irritated easily. When he was about to wish her, he heard a small beep. As everyone was listening, the beep became louder and louder. Now the boss got irritated and wanted to know the source of the sound. His Blood Pressure rose and like a sniffer dog he went in search of the sound. Simran prayed Prem to stop missing her, 'Prem, Why are you missing me know. If you feel like eating my hand made food, stop it you fool. I don't know to cook. You have to do it yourself.' The beeping stopped suddenly. Had the beep continued for a few further seconds, the sniffer dog...oops... the boss would have found the source.

Simran's evening was spent in giving a send off to a colleague. After the party she came back home and just throwing herself on the sofa switched on the television to find the beautiful movie called 'Before Sunrise' playing, where the boy and girl spent the night walking around the city and getting to know one another. Simran saw herself as the heroine and Prem as the hero. And Oops... The Beep started. Minutes passed... It didn't stop... An Hour Passed...It didn't stop... Oh God!.... Simran sensed it would not stop 'Before sunrise'.
So, she borrowed the keys of her room mate's vehicle and started towards the beach. She can't keep it. It will not allow her to have a peace of mind. Once there, she was about to throw the wrist watch into the sea, when suddenly a thought came to her and she asked, 'O Fairy God Mother, does this come with a silent mode cum vibrating alert.'


Priya Joyce said...

hahaha the beep lol on tat..dil ki ghanti :P

and lol on the very last line :P

hey if only tat was a cell phone for her :P

Meira said...

my blog wants you to come visit:D

abhishek said...

very good last line

Priya Joyce said...

hey dude ma post was funny re

Jimmy said...

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Thirumalesh said...

This is so funny......so creative

Dhandal said...

nice ending....but why didnt she call Prem back when ever he missed her...atleast while watching the movie she cud have buzzed him na?

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