Tuesday, December 30, 2008

100th Post and Happy New Year !

Dhanya was confused as to how to celebrate the new year's eve. Should she party all night with her friends or stay at home with her family glued to the television. She had a better idea.

After searching all the places, she found the idea she was searching for...oops... the person. Prem! Who else! He was sitting alone on the rocks looking at the calm sea on that last night of the year. Dhanya sat besides him and teased him, "Is this the way you celebrate the new year, Mr M.F Prem."
Prem didn't want to show his inner feeling to her. He was surely missing his girlfriend Simran on that beautiful occasion. "M.F ! As in M.F. Hussain", he inquired.
Dhanya gave a nice smile, "No...As in M.D, M.A, M.C etc. If M.C stands for Master of Ceremonies, M.F stands for Master of Fantasies"

As they talked, a young guy was moving towards the edge of the rocks. Prem stopped him midway and questioned him, "Young Man! Are you planning to jump into the sea?"
The young guy with a straight face, answered positively, "Yeah.. Its the entrance to my world."
Prem said jokingly , "Your world... Now where that could be... Is it the universe ?"
With Prem around, expect the unexpected, as the answer again came in positive "Yes.. Its the universe. The reflection you see in the waters of the sky above is the entrance to my world."

Dhanya looking at the T-Shirt(It read 008 and that too written in the bond style), whispered to Prem, "He must be a secret service agent on her majesty's service. Look at his shirt."
The young guy looked at them both , "Come out of the reel world, girl. I am the guardian angel for the year 2008. I was in the driver's seat for the 365 day trip around the sun. Its time to return home."
After some more questions, Dhanya and Prem were convinced about his identity. Dhanya queried, "You are a young man. But you seemed to have lost some hair. There is black spots around the eyes. Wrinkles on the face. What happened? You seemed to age quickly."
The guardian angel replied with a stiff face, "Thats because of the things you, humans made me see. I saw more of guided missiles and misguided men. I saw weapons of mass destruction but nothing for growth or nurturing. I saw Scientific power rising and spiritual power eroding. I saw stupid people sure of things and intelligent people full of doubts... " **

He had not yet finished when something fell from the sky directly upon him and 008 was thrown into the Sea. Prem and Simran looked at the sea hoping he would resurface. Presumably OO8 has gone back to his universe because 009 has gate crashed into this planet. 009 really looked like a better secret service agent with a Reed and Taylor suit armed with a bulletproof vest, a remington revolver and a thuraya satellite phone etc. Though he had a great body, there were many syringe marks on the arms that made Dhanya doubt as to whether this angel was infact a drug addict. The guardian angel read her mind easily, "Inquisitive mind! The armory is because there is travel advisory warning for guardian angels and other souls moving to the Planet Earth. The threat level for this planet is elevated or Yellow, that means too risky. And I am not a drug addict. Your Earth is filled with so much of diseases that I need to take all these injections before coming down. Hepatitis B vaccine, to Measles-mumps-rubella vaccine to Cholera vaccine...."

Dhanya couldn't tolerate it, "Stop it! You are sounding as if my planet is something like a hell. Its not that bad at all. There is still love and innocence left on this planet"
The guardian angel, "That I can see from you two people. But don't allow to sit it just there in your hearts. Make it epidemic. Spread it to as many as possible. I am in the drivers seat. I can't dance. Making the trip memorable and a pleasant one is with the passengers. "

Dhanya looked at Prem and announced jubilantly, "Do you know what does that mean ? That means we have to go out and Party to-nite. Lets Join the Beach Party over there and spread the message of love"

PS ** Worked around with the quotes of Betrand Russell and Martin Luther King Jr

That was my 100th blog post. And I am really blessed that it fell on the occasion of New Years Eve.

I take this occasion to thank all my readers for their support and encouraging words.
Namratha, Meira, Priya, Keshi, Aayushi, Lena, Abhishek, Tara, Anwesha, Fiza, Sameera, Jyothi, Farhana, Wilfred, Tirumalesh, Vinit, Manish, Deepak, Srinivas, Laxmi. There are lot of others like The Charmed One, MOI, Nikita etc.

I hope I will be able to continue this journey consistently even in the future.

Wishing all of you, a happy and prosperous new year.


CяystąL said...

Suresh..you don't need to thank any of your readers..we all love what you write, hence we leave our comments..*hugs* to you on your 100th post..HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Cinderella said...

happy new year :)

and congrats for ur 100th post. May the prem kahaniyan continue and M F Prem keep on entertaining us with his own dreamworld.

once again - a very happy and prosperous new year to you, your family, Prem, Simran and Dhanya.

Akansha Agrawal said...

Thanks for dropping by...

Congratulations on your 100th post!!!I know the feeling... :)

Keshi said...

yeyyy Prem is going to a beach party! :)


And hey no need to thank us at all...cos we love u just the way u r and ur work here too. HUGS!


Charmed One! said...

Congrats on the 100th post mister!!
Also a very happy new year!! :)
Your stories are very innovative :).. Hope we get to read many more this year!!

Lena said...

you've got quite imagination!! nice read :)

and congratulations on 100th post! :)
keep writing and we will celebrate another century soon :)

Suresh Kumar said...

@ Crystal
Encouraging words. Shukriya :)

@ Cindrella
Thx. Conveyed your new year greetings to my characters :)

@ Akansha
Thx a ton and keep coming.

@ Keshi
Sure Prem went to the Beach Party and enjoyed a lot :).
But he didn't stay long and come home trashed and dad show him the place where he has to sleep. Remember that dialogue :)

@ Charmed One
Thanks a lot and a happy new year to you too.

@ Lena.
Thx. Yeah! I also love to reach that double century :)

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

Congrats on the 100th post! :)

Suresh Kumar said...

@ Sameera

moi said...

hey congratulations on ur 100th post and Happy New Year...u have written so much in a short time, hope u continue this year as well. all the best!!

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