Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mujrim Haazir Ho!

This was the announcement made in the court. And who was presented as the accused. It was Prem!. Following close and two steps behind him was Simran, his girlfriend! Now the people present were really confused. Has Simran sued Prem and dragged him to the court, the man who loved her beyond imagination. No!. Its not like that. Even Simran was the second accused.

Lets get a clearer picture. Its not the usual court with that blind folded lady holding the weighing scale and black and white dress code.

Prem was also confused in the initial when he saw fresh green everywhere. It seemed he was viewing the enchanting swiss greenery. Then he realized that there was no walls on the four sides and it was the court of the nature (Kudrat Ka Kanoon... Seems like a B-Grade Movie Name.... ).
Now a PIL has been filed by some elements of the nature(Don't ask me the names). PIL doesn't mean a Public Interest Litigation over here. Its a Personal Interest Litigation. Its in the personal interest of both Prem and Simran that this case is being fought. They were causing harm to themselves was the charge against both of them.

There doesn't seem to be any defense lawyer over there. Only one lady spoke for both of them. She wore a very traditional attire and her color was that of the pure Earth. 'Is she Mother Nature' thought Prem. Then he looked at the Judge who looked like he just came out of a coal mine and he was looking at his watch now and then. The Judge looked at Prem and said, 'Time waits for no man. Let the proceeding began'. The Judge made Prem clear as to who he was by emphasizing on the word Time.

'Mother Nature' stood up and looking at Prem, "It seems that you are hurting yourself and a whole lot of others by not being able to make a decision as to go along with your family or with your girlfriend. I mean there should be some time frame by which you should make your decisions. Its nearly a year now. Don't act like your government at the central and just make statements and promises. Don't make true the statement... Jaisa Raja Waisa Praja..."
Prem looked up at the judge and just said without arguing, "I plead guilty on charges of hurting myself and others" Simran looked at Prem with disbelief.

Mother nature continued, "You have been looking forward for Simran's love unconcerned about a lot of other things. ... including your career. You took time to help her out in her career. You prayed to God for her well being. You kept your mind occupied with her thoughts and nothing else. This is grave injustice to self. You have been an unproductive lot to the society of late. ..."
Prem was rather subdued, "I plead guilty for being indifferent to my career among other things"

Mother nature gave a final blow. "You are definitely guilty of being over possessive about Simran. You wished the forces of nature to help you in making her, yours. You tied her down and made her blind by your love. You could have been just a friend or a well wisher. But you wanted be something more.... and now she doesn't even want to hear your voice."
Prem didn't seem to refute any of the above, "I plead guilty of playing with a girl's emotions"

Mother nature moved towards Simran when Prem interrupted, "She is faultless. Don't question her. It's me who was trying to set right the relationship. It's me who forwarded the hand of friendship. It's me who forced her to love me with my sweet talks and good manners. Its me who showed her the dreams of marriage and a happy life. It was me and me alone.... all the time. "

So the time keeper.... oops... the blackie... thats the judge... "So you plead guilty even for the charges against your girlfriend."
Prem just nodded his head

The Time Keeper... or the Judge... looked at the jury which consists of three seasoned players. If one was a hot-tempered, the third person was a chilled out type and the person in between was rather unpredictable. After discussions, one of them got up, "Prem is already punishing himself for his mistakes. How can we punish him further. We help you, our master in rotating the seasons and making time happen. As everyone knows, Time is the best healer. All is left to you"

Now the mighty judge who controlled the time, decided to give his judgement after a small recess. He himself wanted some time to ponder over the matter.
Did Time look upon Prem and Simran gracefully or mercilessly..... Only Time will tell........


Anonymous said...

This is pne of the Best Blog of yours!!! Highly imginative and is very heart touching.

abhishek said...

good post again...u communicated well

Keshi said...

Prem is guilty on all counts I wonder what the punishment will be...

u wrote this chapter really well Suresh :)


Meira said...

I hope Simran gives it a good thought too...Prem sounds like a good human being, is extremely caring and probably loves Simran more than anyone else ever will.
And its not his fault he likes her so much.Or that everything didn't go as he had planned. He had his dreams. And the entire lifetime's left for the dreams to be fulfilled...whats a year or two of hardship?

Priya Joyce said...

hey I hav changed my blog url to

will be bakk soon tc

Suresh Kumar said...

@ Anonymous
Thank u. But who this anonymous could be. I am not good at guessing game

@ abhishek
thx. but i m eagerly waiting for ur new post

@ Keshi
Punishment is what prem is going through now. And the period of sentence is not known.

@ Meira
Well Said. I think Simran may give it a thought. Prem would not fallen for a silly girl. Definetely Simran would be a sensible girl.

@ Priya
will check it out.

Keshi said...

And any punishment is worth going thru for true love...wut say? :)


Tara said...

Very well written! Held my attention all through! Good stuff there! :)

Hope, time tells soon! :)

Suresh Kumar said...

@ Keshi.
This s not a movie. :)
Sometimes one has to concentrate on too many things. Sometimes for one thing, many may suffer. But patience is important in the end. Not easy but one to be endured.

@ Tara.
Thx. Time wud definitely tell.

CяŷştąŁ said...

Arey bhai..who is Prem? :O

CяŷştąŁ said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Suresh Kumar said...

@ Crystal

Poora Kahani Sunana Padega :). Prem is the hero of my stories and is at the crossroads of his life where he has to make a choice between his family and his love simran.

Keshi said...

haha true..its not DDLJ btw :)


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