Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Tripple Effect

She had written many exams, but Simran never thought what went in the minds of invigilator who just strolled up and down the exam hall for three continuous hours.....until now. She knows it now as she stands in the shoes of the invigilator.

Among the many ambitious girls banging their heads to finish the tough Financial Management paper was also Savitha. Savitha was not fortunate like others as she doesn't go to any college for her graduation. Her orthodox parents were of the view that 12th is enough for a girl. She still persisted and as a compromise had to settle for a distance learning course. Now to give her papers, she has to come to the University, that too with a bodyguard, Her aged mother, who was always armed with a rudraksh mala and a stotra book. The Mother always had her thoughts blank because her husband, a temple priest, had given her a curse that If any thoughts occupies her mind, the thoughts would have the strength to become a immediate reality and haunt her. He wanted his wife to be always in the meditative mood. But that day Simran had other plans.

Bored by walking up and down the exam hall as an invigilator, Simran decided to play the fantasy game that Manjari Character In Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na played and so she fantasized the blackboard as a wide screen plasma television and started playing her imagination on the screen.

And who was the leading lady! Savitha! In Simran's flick, the simple and Gaun ki chori girl turned to a confident and a ultra modern chick, studying business management and now being interviewed by the Tatas. To a tough question of 'How will she succeed in this field which is dominated by men', Savitha answered cooly, 'Whatever women must do they must do twice as well as men to be thought half as good. Luckily, this is not difficult' **. And waiting outside for the interview to finish was not her mother but her boyfriend who was preparing to propose as soon as she steps out.
Unaware to Simran, her thoughts were being transmitted across the blackboard to the next room where the mother was sitting on the other side of the wall. The lady was receiving the mental signals crystal clear and they were being beamed to her mind as her thoughts. Even 1000 names of Vishnu was not able to stop the signals affecting her thoughts.

Simran then came back to reality, as Savitha asked for additional sheets. After handing the additional sheets, She thought that it could have been worse if Savitha had not fought for her cause.
Now she picturised the alternative where instead of pursuing any further studies, Savitha gets married at a very tender age. If the first one seemed to be a flick of the current era, this seems to be of yesteryears like the one starring Meena kumari. Couldn't have been more melodramatic. With a baby in her hand and one in stomach, she is forced out of the house by her drunkard husband onto the streets. Her husband promises her alimony but Savitha refuses it, "I dont want Ali's money or anyone else's. I want to be your charana dasi'. Savitha searched emphatically for something. Has there been a remote, Simran would have switched channels, but she was curious now of what on screen Savitha was searching. Is it her mangalsutra.... no... no.... her patidevah's photo... no... no... it was her mobile... she was dialing her mother's number.
On the other side of the wall, Savitha's mother was not able to bear the torture, "Shiva... Shiva", she cried out. And the attender turned towards her, "Did you call me, madam?"

At that time the exam ordeal was over and everyone was relieved except Savitha's mother. Three hours of screening had really borne a heavy impact on her. The thoughts had now taken a real form which was visible only to her and no one else.
The mother had to deal with three different Savitha's at the same time. Once she glanced at the parking area where the slim Savitha accepted her boyfriend's proposal and also a french kiss 'Aaaawwww' went the old lady at the sight.
Then she looked at her mobile to hear Second Savitha weeping, "Maa.... Mein Barbaad Ho Gavi.. Mein Kya Karo... Mein Ghar Aa rahi hoon".
And then at the original Savitha who stood in front of her, looking jubilantly and with full smiles.

The Mother was not able to bear the triple reality effect and she swooned and fell down. One of the senior teacher, also a medical practitioner, said that it may take two hours for her to recover. Simran looked at Savitha, "Good opportunity to have a look at the city and how it has changed in the last three years. Come with me, Girl."

(** Originally quoted by Charlotte Whitton)


Priya Joyce said...

hahaha lol

I was gonna type poor savitha :P

until i read the last quote :P

hmmm tats cool...but r two hours enuff too see the whole city :P


hey sure take ur tym..for the tag

vinit kulal said...

ice blog dear but change it to mein ghar aa rahi hun and not a raha hun.

abhishek said...

nice creativity...btw what does Edhey Thumbi Haaduvenu mean?

Cinderella said...

godd... tussi great ho ;)

yeh kya ho gaya aapko??? Prem kahaniyon se kahan finance ki duniya main ghus gaye ??? bechari savitha pe toh pahad toot raha hoga, finance ke paper main. poor child.. waise uske boy friend ka naam prem toh nahi tha na,.. and did simran know that?

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

Wow!A novel blog :)

I am afraid I have nothing to say about the story until I read it from the beginning.

Thanks a lot for those thoughtful comments over at my space.Have a great New Year.God Bless!

Suresh Kumar said...

@ Priya
Even a day wudnt be enough to see a small city like mangalore. But one has to take what he gets na.

@ Vinit
Its music to ear when u tell nice words re :)

@ Abhishek
Edey Thumbi Haduvenu means Singing with a content heart.

@ Cindrella
Nahi Oo Ladke koi aur hi thaa... U hav to ask Savitha's mother. But dont do that...she will again fall down :)

@ Sameera
Welcome to my blog.

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