Thursday, December 4, 2008

Prem, The First PM!

An all party meeting has been called to discuss a serious issue. The Head of the country says that the law enforcement agencies, the education department and the health sector has lots of complaints. The law enforcement agencies says that the criminal cases due to one factor is mounting up steadily in the current year. Education department says that the same factor is responsible for destroying many a students' career. Health sector findings show that many symptoms or reasons for bad health can be traced to the same factor. Yes, its the four letter word L*O*V*E.

So the decision has been taken to form a separate ministry and put some experienced leader irrespective of the party, in charge of the same.

The economist from the south with his specs and his signature dhoti was not willing, "I know how to curb inflation. But not how to curb infatuation. I can try and stop the enemy from entering our home turfs, but the rush of love in the youth can't be checked that easily."

The fat bihari guy who always wanted some lucrative portfolio didn't find the portfolio attractive in any sense, "Na bhai Na. I have got many cases up my sleeve. But not many kisses on my cheek to qualify for this post. Ye mere bas ki baat nahi. With my sticks, I can control the buffaloes, not the cupid stuck youth."

Then all eyes fell upon the dark gentleman (is it the right word) representing the Karnataka Public who seemed to be fast asleep and may be thinking of his kumar and his future. He woke up and shouted, "No way. Love means losing a lot of sleep. And I cant do that. I don't want to suffer from Insomnia. Already I have lots of health problems. "

Next all looked at the old bachelor with some high expectations, who shook his head and hand very strongly. "Hum ne ab thak shaadi bhi nahi kiya. But still two ladies from two ends of the country have shook me very much in the past. I haven't come out of that shock. This chair is as good as a electric chair to me."

The Head of the state was very deeply worried and wanted to put his turban down in defeat. But a young man came forward to take up the challenge. Though he didn't have age to his advantage, his face showed that he understood the problems of the heart. The young boy knew how to control the rush of love or how to approach a cupid stuck youth. He has had sleepless nights. He was a bachelor but was deeply committed. Wow it was our hero, Prem.

All the elected leaders were willing to make him our first PM, Prem Minister


Thirumalesh said...

Probably this may be problem with every nation world over............and this state will continue for ages....may be finding solution to this kind of issue is almost impossible for any politician.....we will be happy if the administration can focus at ground realities....however that doesnt seems to be happening.....

Keshi said...

hehehehe @Prem Minister! Good one :)

Hows u?


Meira said...

wow! Thats an awesome idea :)

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