Monday, December 22, 2008

Say No To War !

Prem went running towards his neighbor sweet sixteen Dhanya's house when he heard a loud shriek from her room. One needs to be caring for the neighbors and that too when she is a girl and alone in her house. On reaching the spot, Prem found an octogenarian in her room who seemed to have jumped out of a mythological serial. Prem didn't believe that the girl was bluffing when she told that the man came out of the painting that hung on the wall. All these strange things happened to him. The painting was of the Mahabharata war from the blind king Dritharastra's viewpoint. Though he was blind, the king was briefed up on every war moves and strategies by his loyal servant Sanjay who had been gifted with Divya Dristhi (divine vision).

The old man added to Prem's knowledge "Yo-Man, And that San-joy is me da. That blind man became so war obsessed after that, his Dil asked for more wars. So he sent me to future and made me cover all future wars. My divine vision got blurred as time passed by and I had to report from somewhere near the battlefield. From battle of panipat to Iraq War, I have covered them all for that old son of a *****"
Prem was taken aback by the language and had lots of questions, "What Happened to your language ? Mind You, there's a young lady here. And what brings you here?"
Dhanya comforted Prem, "Don't worry about me. I need more such vocabulary. You Know Calvin has said truly 'Life's disappointments are harder to take when you don't know any swear words' " Prem was also a Calvin fan and quickly agreed.

The old man smiled, "For the last some months, I had been with this A**-**** G I Joe covering the Iraq war. Now I have been informed that your country and its F****** neighbor are at the brink of the war."
Prem wanted to correct Sanjay, "You heard statements and came running down. This is a country of talkers and not doers da. They are only speeches and meant to sell newspaper copies and make people stick to the idiot box. And why at all do we need a war, Mr San Joy?"
But Dhanya answered in a sweet manner of her own, "Because enough is enough." And she began crooning this song from an old Anil-Jackie starrer, "Tan pe chot lagi hain; Samne maut kadi hain. Kishen ne Kaha Arjun Se; Na Pyaar Jatha Dushman Se. Yudh Kar. Haa Yudh Kar."
'Was she planning to become a cheer-girl for the Indian troops', thought Prem.

The old man smiled at the innocent Dhanya and turned towards the romantic Prem, "That blind king didn't want war in the begining. But it was imminent. Yatha Yatha dharmasya.........."
Prem interrupted him, "Cut that crap. For the protection of dharma, innocents lost their life even in that era. Arjun regained his warrior status, but his son Abhimanyu was cunningly killed. Bheema got his revenge against Duryodhana, but his son Ghatotkatch was slain ed....."
Suddenly Dhanya started weeping and when asked the reason, "Just some days back I saw the movie Ghatokatch where Little Ghattu helped Abhimanyu to get his girl of dreams. And now you are breaking the news that both were cruelly killed. It's hurting me.....Ohhh... Ghattu and Abhi" And she took the hanky and blew her nose hard.

Sanjay tried to convince that action had to be taken, "S*** Man, They have attacked the heart of your country da. You know what they say in your national game hockey, 'Best defense is a good offense'
Prem was corned with that statement. He found himself agreeing with the statement, but he was a peace lover and knew that war had only negatives, "Are we really prepared. Because we have defective bullet proof vests that takes the lives of police officers, MIGs that goes down taking with it many good soldiers, A bad economy with already many job losses, Corrupt politicians holdings positions of power wanting to take advantage of the situations. Are we really prepared for the war? Can we face the consequences ?"
Dhanya found this too complex, "Too many dependent variables to be worked out. This is much more complex than the calculus problem. Stop! I need a break".
Even Sanjay was confused, "I don't understand head or tail of politics or economics. In my times, Lord Krishna had a style which sent out the message that was very clear, 'Either you are with me or with them' "

Dhanya just had enough and announced. 'Class dismissed' and then played the background score from the movie Rush Hour. Prem and Sanjay couldn't take the argument further even if they liked to. They found their feet taking to the dance floor and matching step to step like Chris and Jackie did to the anti war song by Edwin starr in that movie. And to add glamour there was Dhanya and her swaying little dance movements. And what a song it was.

'War! ... huh... yeah....... what is it good for ?...........absolutely nothing.........

War! It ain't nothing but a heartbreaker, War. Friend only to the undertaker...woo
Peace lovin' understand then tell me,Is there no place for them today?
They say we must fight to keep our freedom, But Lord knows there's got to be a better way.

War! ... huh... yeah....... what is it good for ?...........absolutely nothing.........'


Priya Joyce said...

wow wat a way to convey the social message


vinit kulal said...

Did you forgot all that happened to our county men and when we clearly have given them list of people staying in Pakistan to be deported for fair trail in Indian court and you are saying that war is of no use You say that this country is of sayers and not doers, did you forget Kargil, sacrifice of our soilders, you must have not have written blog of this kind and Mahabharath is a great book for us and you must not have used them, and all this you wrote because you are not doer you are a sayer you said to just promote your blog.

abhishek said...

nice way yo rap ur way into anti war msg

Cinderella said...

dude, you have a knack for story writing.

btw, why dont you send Mr San Joy to the hidden camps of ISI and Laskhar. He will get better content to broadcast for any war obsessed individual.

CяystąL said...

You're awarded!!..:)

Suresh Kumar said...

@ Priya

Lets hope the war tension ends soon and at the same time wrong doers are punished.

@ Vinit.
I was trying to point out the ills of war including simple things like cursing words, death of innocents and others.
And I dont ride on guilt conscious of having abused sacred texts :)

@ Abhishek.
thanks a lot

@ Cindrella
Yeah! Lets ask army to start cross border firing so that San Joy can infiltrate into pakistan territory and get into those terror camps :)

@ Crystal
Thanx a lot!

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