Saturday, January 3, 2009

Rab Ne Bane Di Jodi - Oh Really !

The BBC of Prem's office, Sharanya had some breaking news for Prem. His girlfriend Simran would be in his area for a marriage on Sunday. It has been months since Prem last saw her. They rarely were in touch these days, but they have not yet separated. He wouldn't definitely miss this opportunity of seeing her .
But Sharanya didn't say which marriage hall ? Sharanya never ever gave complete information.

So Prem had decided to check out some of the marriage halls. Yeah! Attend marriages without Invitation! And who was giving him company on this adventure. His young neighbor Dhanya.

The building looked like a convention center. But more marriages took place there than business functions. Dhanya liked to watch the marriage rituals and so she left Prem to do the search. When he returned empty handed, Prem found Dhanya in a shocked state. She looked at Prem, "Look at the couple. They say Girl is eighteen years old and has completed Plus Two and the boy has just completed graduation. But for me she looks like sweet sixteen and he immature enough to handle the responsibility. I hope its not a bal vivaah (child marriage). Look at the scared faces of those two souls. Its like watching Pogo Characters trapped in a B-Grade Horror Movie! Let's get out of here"

The next marriage hall looked more like a extravagant bollywood movie set. The way they had spent, Prem felt that some rich guy was getting married. The groom was asking everyone who wished him on that occasion the same question 'How did you came?' and there was a twinkle in his eyes, when they said "In the auto".
Dhanya had the explanation for the same, "The bride is a economics lecturer in our college. And the groom is an ordinary rickshaw driver. "
Prem couldn't believe this and commented with a wicked grin, " What did she find in him ? Is this some cost control exercise ? Did she wanted to save on some traveling expenses ?"
Dhanya didn't find it a joke, "No way! He also knows the economy. She is coming with 30 pounds of gold as hefty dowry da."
Prem found it disgusting and both of them moved out of that place refusing to take the cold drink offered to them.

These days temples have found a special way to earn extra income. Build a Kalyan Mandap. And in that kalyan mandap, the couple getting married were not complete strangers to Prem and Dhanya. Dhanya knew the bride as her senior who is in her final years of graduation and as a sweet and innocent girl who always walked with her heads down. She hardly speaks to any one from the opposite sex except for her father and the lecturers. Prem knew the groom as a big flirt and remembered how the famous ending lines from the hit single Casanova was used as a warning for the girls dating this philander , " If you want him - to me it's allright - though you know that you're not bein' smart - there's only one thing I guarantee you -that one day soon he'll break your heart."
An astrologer sitting in the front row was boasting of how he played the key role in this matchmaking, "...Their stars match perfectly. This is God made Jodi.... "
Prem found it hard to believe that this casanova would transform to a family man. Those things happen only in movies.

All the marriage halls in his area were visited. But Simran was not to be found anywhere. They decided to return home after paying a visit to the temple. Usually the temple had a very few visitors at that hour of the day. But that day there was a small gathering of twenty to thirty. It was a group of youngsters only. The temple priest came out of the sanctum sanctorum and gave the boy the mangalsutra which know had the blessing of goddess Durga. The three knots was tied and the marriage had taken place without much pomp and show.Dhanya was excited, "Love marriage and without elders! Wow! I should have brought my camera."

Prem was not listening. He was watching his Simran who with folded hands and closed eyes was praying to God. He didn't look at the God even thought the Maha-Pooja was going on. His eyes was focused on Simran. He had a good excuse for doing so, "Tujhe Mein Rab Dikhta Hain.... Yaara Mein Kya Karo... "


*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

Happy New Year :)

God Bless!

abhishek said...

well said ...the last line

Dawn....सेहर said...

Happy New Year dear...

Charmed One! said...

Well i guess Prem would go through any trouble to meet Simran :) !!
Yeah totally opposite characters can get married too !
Btw I have self tagged myself from your old post ...
hope you dont mind :) !!!

Rahul said...

cool post.. :)

Anonymous said...

hey nice story. its wickedly cute the way, a bank-wala guy(pun intented) writing such adorable love stories. unusual..hmmm

Suresh Kumar said...

@ Sameera.
Happy New Year and wishing you on this occassion of your story being published.

@ abhishek
thanx re... ur tag answers was truly hilarious

@ Dawn
Thanks and wishing you the same.

@ Charmed One
No and your answers were really good.

@ Rahul
Welcome to my blog space.

@ Anonymous
Thank u. Doesn't a financial guy have a heart? :)

Keshi said...

u know Prem reminds me of someone..


Suresh Kumar said...

@ Keshi
Well, I hope it is sweet memories.

Dhandal said...

oh no oh no oh no...the last total filmy! :P

Rahul said...

Hey! Nice one! Got back to read ur articles after a long time! Sorry for that :P

In ur articles can u sometimes link some random words or punctuations to my blog? Since both our Google pageranks (a tool used by google to determine a website's importance in the internet) are high, we would be mutually benefitted by this
Let me know

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