Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Bachelor's story

Prem had become a prisoner in his home. Because of the cold, he was not able to venture out of the comforts of his room. So he remembered how Nehru made Discovery of India from the confinements of his prison. Prem made up his mind to write something, if not a great book, at least some small insightful article. So he started digging into some books and internet sites.

That's when Dhanya made her entry and was curious to know how Prem was fighting the cold and also the bore doom. Prem told her that he was doing some research into some of the great men who stayed away from the institution of marriage and devoted them self to some cause. She found it interesting and questioned him "And who are the contenders for the top post ?"

Prem spoke with some confidence, " I think Bheeshma stands out. He saw more than three generations in front of him and yet he remained single all the life. But at the same time he knew his responsibilities and got good brides for the kings...."
Dhanya interrupted, "Prem, He is not a good bachelor as you are. No girl has sat on the back seat of your two-wheeler till now. But Bheeshma carried ek nahi teen kanyas and that too ek saath in his chariot da. That apart, Seriously, because of him, many ladies suffered in the mahabharatha from Amba to Kunti to Draupadi... He always was a mere spectator to their plight...."

Prem was shocked at Dhanya's knowledge of mythology, "Leave Mythology.... Lets look at history... I think Swami Vivekananda gets the highest votes.... "
Dhanya was prepared even for this " Do you know at what age did Swami Vivekananda died ?"
Prem was clueless on this one.
Dhanya continued majestically, "He died at the age of 39. He is a great person and one of the best spiritual leaders. But 39 is a young age to determine and give him the prestigious BACHELOR award. The Vedantas, which he studied says a Girl is a MAAYA and can't say when one gets trapped in that illusion...."

Prem didn't like the way Dhanya was finding some arguments, but still continued, "Don't go to a preaching mood. I think we would look at the current scenario and Mr AB Vajpayee would be most suitable for the award."
Dhanya laughed and reminded him of a famous Vajpayee quote, 'I am not a bachelor, but an unmarried man', "Now what does that mean.. That he had many unsuccessful flings?"
Prem was really embarrassed and put the ball in Dhanya's court "Okay. You tell me one good spinster, who devoted herself to some cause, who can qualify for the BEST SPINSTER AWARD."

Dhanya immediately said, "Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu"
Prem was confused on hearing Dhanya speak in some foreign language, "What does that mean ?"
Dhanya said, "Mother Teresa"
Prem was silent as he completely agreed with her. But now his search for the best bachelor gained still more momentum. He needed to answer her at the earliest....

(Readers .... Help Prem Out....)


Cinderella said...

wat abt Alfred Nobel? thou thr r stories saying that he had a wife... but google search says, he never got married ;)

Cinderella said...

and i think even Jesus Christ (excluding the facts from Dan Brown)..

... and Ruskin Bond .. of course, he did some gud to the society through awesome literature.

... okay, need to rush now.. yaad aaya toh i'll give u more names :)

Charmed One! said...

Well there was Pope John Paul the second :).. even though he hasn worked like Mother Theresa.. he was a symbol for peace loving...
And my google search revealed that Sir Isaac Newton was never married either.
Well if he had been married.. i guess he would never be sitting under the apple tree :D ....

Keshi said...


goes to me! ;-)

And the BEST BACHELOR AWARD shoud go to u?


CяystąL said...

Hahaha! I think Alfred Nobel or Ruskin Bond?
I would have loved to mwarry him! :D..

Is anybody including terrorists like Saif Ali khan?..who're into marrying and divorce-ing till they die? :P

(PS_Prem is still going on haaa ;) )

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

You write so well :)

Hope to catch up on this story from the beginning...

Have a good weekend!

Suresh Kumar said...

@ Cindrella...
Ruskin Bond.... With his beautiful works, he has inspired many..
If this line is truly from his heart, then he cant be a contender, "I may stop loving you but I will never stop loving the days I loved you." from Love is a sad song. :)

@ Charmed One.
If Isaac Newton had been married, He would not have been under the apple tree... he would have been in the fruits market asking for the rates of apples :)

@ Keshi...
No re... Too early to award you that award.... Definitely there would be still many out there trying to sweep you off your feet and win you away.... Lets wait and see.

@ Crystal
Sail Ali Khan and a terroritst :)
Are Yaar, Insaan se Galthi Hothi Hain.... Use sudharne ka moka do... And Saif is finding lots of opportunities to correct himself again and again. :)

@ Sameera
Thanks a lot.

abhishek said...

Bond...the name is James Bond. ;)

Suresh Kumar said...

@ Abhishek

I agree.... but girls are bound to disagree....

Keshi said...

Im not so sure lol! but tnxx!


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