Friday, January 30, 2009

The Memorable Evening

Oh.... These entrance exams does not allow the students to enjoy the life...not even the Sundays. That Sunday evening, Dhanya was stuck with her books inside her study room. For Prem, his neighbor's house looked more like a prison. He somehow wanted to get Dhanya out of her prison at least for two hours and enjoy the Sunday evening.

At that juncture, he heard a cute voice speak, "Should I help you?" Prem looked around to find a small elf like creature in his front yard. For Prem, the creature looked like a small playful child trapped in a adult body. The creature introduced himself, "I am a Yaksha (a celestial being). I am out on a parole and was wandering when I heard your call for help. " Prem was pinching himself hard to check whether he was dreaming or not.
The Yaksha continued, "Do you want me to get your princess out of that fortress?" Prem quickly corrected him, "She is not my princess or something like that. She is just a very good friend and not a girl friend. " The yaksha commented on the life of the humans, "You humans are so confusing. You sometimes call your love interest as girlfriend and sometimes fiance and sometimes mistress but very rarely as a wife.... "

Yaksha was ready to provide his services voluntarily, 'Lets make the atmosphere colorful. Tell me Mr Prem, what are the different colors in the rainbow?" Prem was getting embarrassed as he didn't knew the answer. Yaksha asked him to get a CD and showed Prem the rainbow colors that got reflected on the CD. Then he took the colors by one sweep of his hand and threw it upward into the sky. In the next moment a rainbow appeared on the sky and the children on street leaped with joy. That's when the prison windows was opened.

Yaksha looked at Prem and said, "You humans always have a song for every moment rite. Well sing a song for this." Prem again found himself searching for a song. The search program of his mind was still displaying the hourglass icon. Yaksha asked Prem to hand him the laptop and then he gave a search with the keyword Sham (Evening) in the music folder and Voila! he got a great Kishore Kumar number. Instead of playing it in the Media Player, he just copied it and pasted it on the mouths of the young souls driving their bicycles there.The kids suddenly started singing melodiously in chorus, "Yeh Sham Mastani... Madahosh Kiya Jaa..." Thats when the tired eyes of Dhanya got drifted away from the books for a moment and she enjoyed the song with her closed eyes.

Yaksha said, "Now the grand finale...The template is just right with the background and music. Now some widgets to be added" Next moment, some young girls who gathered around the corner started giggling. The elderly ladies grouped together and were literally tearing apart a absent soul, whose name was not clear. A newly married couple sat in their balcony and started exchanging sweet nothings.
Dhanya couldn't resist the temptations any further. A magnetic pull was compelling her to know the reason for the giggling of those girls. The unknown soul of whom these known neighbors were speaking had to be found out. She wanted to capture the image of the romantic couple in her eyes. She threw the books and just came dashing out of her room into the open air. The prisoner has finally revolted and got her short freedom

But the Yaksa's freedom was short lived. Police from his world came down immediately and handcuffed him and put him onto their chariot. When Prem protested, the chief of that police yelled out, "We have got a FIR from Goddess of Education that this yaksha has been messing up with the studies of one of her devotees. This Yaksha has successfully diverted the mind of that young soul from her studies" Prem thought that it was a bit harsh, "No one recognises good work these days, not even celestial beings and goddesses."

But for the next two hours, Dhanya completely forgot about the studies and immersed herself in enjoying the evening.


Charmed One! said...

wohoo .. we have a very modern yaksha here :)!
He's creating rainbows from cds and searching for music in laptops :)...
hope we can find more yakshas like this around :)

Tara said...

A very hi-tech yaksha there! Thoroughly enjoyed it! :)

Dawn....सेहर said...

WOW! thats something new about the techy Yaksha...I enjoyed it through out :)
Nice write up
Keep up the good work

V. Archana said...

hey..hw r u,suresh?

long time...u dont seem 2 b visiting any blogs? :)

still continuing the story with the same characters? ;)

Keshi said...

**We have got a FIR from Goddess of Education that this yaksha has been messing up with the studies of one of her devotees. This Yaksha has successfully diverted the mind of that young soul from her studies"

sounds like that Yaksha is Keshi lol!

Nice read Suresh :)


moi said...

yaksha seems to be quite interesting character...hope to seem him again!!

Suresh Kumar said...

@ charmed one.
more of them on planet earth. They may be already out there somewhere.

@ Tara
They also need to be up to date rite

@ Dawn
Thanx a lot.

@ V. Archana
Prem and Simran don't budge a inch from my blog

@ Keshi.
Keshi is more than a Yaksha. She is a semi-god :)

@ Moi
Hope lets c him when he's released from prison

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