Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Young Shrink

However hard Simran tried to console her, Pallavi was not in a mood to listen to her. Pallavi was crying buckets as her fiance had ditched her. She cursed her stars and her fate and whatever she could think of. Simran had the urge to slap this girl very hard. But the best thing she thought, Pallavi needed at the moment was a therapy.

So Simran took her to a psycho-therapist whom she knew only by name, Manasa. For her media reports, she sometimes consulted this online friend via mails and chats. This was the first time they were coming face to face. The psycho-therapist turned out to be a very young and lovely lady like those nubile heroines in the walt disney live movies. Simran doubted the shrink's credentials, "I was told you were experienced psychiatrist. By Looks it doesn't seem to. I hope you are not aging in the reverse direction." The 'young' girl removed the doubts, "One is as old as one thinks. And I think I am sweet sixteen. Okay. Lets come to the problem."
Simran briefed up of her friends's emotional state.

The young doctor with a smile started the session, "Tell me something about him... this fiasco of yours .... sorry.... fiance of yours"
Pallavi started describing her ex in a very sombre tone, "He is a handsome Hulk, always making me laugh with his silly jokes. He worked as a lawyer and was a successful one ......"
The doctor corrected her, "Be positive should always be the mantra. But when it comes to forgetting ex-boyfriends, we need to find negatives attributable to them"
Simran was ready to help Pallavi in this matter, "Pallavi, He is not a handsome Hunk, but a disposable junk... His silly jokes are like bollywood movie tunes... always copied. He is not a successful lawyer, but a disgraceful liar... "

The young doctor continued, "Is there any new girl who has made him ditch you ?"
Tears filled Pallavi's eyes as she spoke, "Yeah. His new team mate in office. He says they share the same office, same desk. Now they have decided to share the same .... bedroom. They are live-in couple!"
The doctor got a bit irritated, "From the boardroom to bedroom. So what's left for him to share with you? What you expect from him? Joint ownership of his heart with that new girl !!! "
Simran tried to put some sense into her friend's mind, "Look. He is not of a caring nature, but of a sharing nature! Forget him. He has found a new definition for the term 'bringing work home'!"

The young doctor put a terse question, "Why do you feel that you cant live without him ?"
Pallavi's eyes were now red, as she continued, "Last six months. I have put everything in this relationship. I have seen dreams. I have planned my career and family life around them. Its not that easy to put it behind the back and walk like nothing happened.... My life has crumbled"
The young doctor tried to cheer her up, "Instead of looking into the past six months, think about the future which holds so many promises. Instead of the person who is not there with you, think of people who are near you"

Simran knew that it was not that easy and didn't had any words to comfort Pallavi. At that moment, a senior lady entered the room and suddenly started yelling at the young lady, "Why have you taken my seat, you monkey ? You will drive me crazy, girl. Don't make me see a shrink myself. Move out."
The young lady who till know acted like the shrink, "Aunty! I was just helping you by writing down the case details. Take the notes "
Handing over the notes, the young girl briskly walked out of the room. Before doing so she had a advice for Pallavi, "Take my word. Don't ever waste your tears for a man like that. No man deserves your tears, and who deserves them wont make you cry**."

(** Quote of Gabriel Garcia Marquez)


Charmed One! said...

A very twisted ending :)!!
And a must read for anybody who has just broken up.. will surely cheer them up :)!!!

Cinderella said...

well the story was good (as usual) but why this aunty thing at the end?

and yess.. this is one of my fav quotes. don't know if realistic too, but very consoling. Thanks for using it :)

Lena said...

loved the ending :)
though wish it was so simple to get over the lost love and heal the broken heart :)

Keshi said...

**No man deserves your tears, and who deserves them wont make you cry**."

is that true tho? then why did she say 'who deserves them...'? :)


Suresh Kumar said...

@ Charmed One
Thanks for the compliment

@ Cindrella
***why this aunty thing at the end ?***
Well, was stuck with the ending and I thought this was good enough. Will try to better myself next time

@ Lena.
I know, though not from personal experience, that its not that simple and easy....

@ Keshi.
Good query. Now we need to ask the author of the quote itself. :)

abhishek said...

loved ur play with words...fiaso-fiance...hunk-junk...lawyer-liar...beautiful

Suresh Kumar said...

@ Abhishek

thanx a lot

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