Saturday, January 17, 2009

Prem in the Land of Oz

Prem and Dhanya were still haggling about the bachelor award. Their fights was really irritating the next door kid Ashwith who was reading the book The Wizard of Oz with full involvement.

The interruptions was so irritating that unknown to Ashwith, his sub-conscious mind had sucked both of them from the real world into his mind. Prem and Dhanya found themselves trapped in the mind of a 10 year old and there was NO WAY OUT. Then they saw before their eyes , the story of The Wizard of Oz being played on some sort of screen. When they heard the Narrator's voice, they realized what was happening. The narrator was Ashwith and they were viewing his imagination of the story as he read it, sitting in the balcony of his mind.

The story had reached the stage where The Girl and her three friends had reached the Emerald City and were waiting for the Wizard to make the Appearance (Each of them had a special request - Dorothy wanted to go home, Scarecrow wanted brains, Tin Woodman wanted heart, and the Cowardly Lion wanted Courage). At this time, Prem comes up with an idea, "In the story, no one has ever seen Wizard till now and don't know how the Wizard looks. So let's enter into the Story and present you as the Wizard." Dhanya loved the idea of becoming a wizard. So the next moment, they were standing in front of the four principal characters, Dhanya as Wizard and Prem as the Political Advisor to the Wizard.

So the requests was put forward one by one. The scarecrow wanted a brain, "Its not that I don't have brains. Its that I don't remember anything for more than 15 minutes.... "
Prem like a statesman, " You know what Friedrich Nietzche has said, 'Blessed are the forgetful: for they get the better even of their blunders' Think about it. Do you really want to have a stronger memory?"
But the scarecrow had made up his mind. So Prem just inserted a 128GB RAM into his head and sent him with a message, "Next time, in addition to maintaining a dairy, also blog about your daily incidents and have that IP address tatooed on your hands, in case ....."

Next was the Tin Woodman, he needed a heart, "Its not that I don't have a heart... I want a heart that never hardens... a heart that can beat for someone....." Prem laughed a bit, "Ha..Ha.... You want the human heart....Mind you, its the only organ in the entire human body that will not listen to you..." But the tin man wanted to experience a human heart. Prem took some of his signatures on certain forms and sent him to the operation theater. When the tin man asked Prem as to what actually he had signed, he smiled with a wicked grin, "It says that you don't hold Us responsible if anything goes wrong during the heart transplant. All the best. "

The Lion's request was rejected by Dhanya stating security reasons of the Emerald City. 'One can't predict of what the Cowardly Lion would do on getting the courage back' was her concern. Dhanya didn't want to re-look at the decision.
Prem looked at the girl, "Lady! What brings you here ?" The young girl, whom the narrator identified as Dorothy, started her story, "I got lost in thoughts.... lost in thoughts of my boyfriend... and when I open my eyes.... I am in this strange land.... I just want to be back in my PG Accommodation"
Prem didn't see Dorothy, all he saw was his girlfriend Simran standing in front of him. He slowly proceeded towards her. He came close to her and was about to hug her....... when she disappeared. The other characters also started disappearing from the screen, one by one including Prem and Dhanya. What had happened was The boy, shocked by the way the story went, had just thrown the book away and complained to his Dad, "The book you had given me as a Gift has made lots of changes to the original story of Wizard of Oz ..."
Dad tried to comfort his son, "That seems to be the trend, my boy! See the movie they are screening on the TV. They have taken a chapter from Akbar's life and made it a swashbuckler romantic story... "

Prem, when he came back to the real word, expressed with disgust to Dhanya, "Very Bizarre.... I was about to hug my girlfriend Simran.... and that too in the imagination of a 10 year old boy !"


Cinderella said...


... m in hurry.. more comments, later :)

Keshi said...

**You want the human heart....Mind you, its the only organ in the entire human body that will not listen to you

nicely put Suresh :)

u hv a knack for excellent writing!


Lena said...

that was really good... you got this thing for writing, keep impressing us :)

Charmed One! said...

What do i say... I have no words to express your imagination :D ....
Nicely imagined and written :) ....
Wish i could enter your mind and read your thoughts, when you write such stuff :D !!!

moi said...
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moi said...

Ur imagination is so far fetching...too gud but hey i would like to there something going on between dhanya and prem?? always the story begins with them....simran keeps dissapearing....hope simran accepts prem soon before its too late!!

Keshi said...

Hey Suresh I hv done that Love tag u tagged me on...I just realised :)

here's the addy:


Keshi said...

Sorry Suresh, try this:



Dawn....सेहर said...

WOW! Nice write up I must say and I loved what you said about the human heart :)
Keep going

Suresh Kumar said...

@ Cindrella
thx a lot

@ Keshi
Thank You. And you too have a different style which i like to call Keshi Style.

@ Lena
Sure... and thanx a lot

@ Charmed One
Thanks for the lovely compliment.

@ Moi
Dhanya is a young girl of sixteen. There is nothing between Prem and simran. But still simran may bcom a little jealous na, if she comes to know

@ Dawn
Thanks a lot.

Keshi said...

aww tnxx!

And this is Suresh style! ;-)



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