Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Don't rise too early, SUN!

Dhanya was fully tensed up. Next day she had exams coming up and still she had some chapters to cover before she can retire for the day. Over the chat, she expressed her fears to Prem. Her only wish for the night was that somehow the Sun could rise a little late the next day or didn't show up at all.

Prem wished he could be of some help to this little girl. She was a studious girl but the study material was like the vast ocean. That's when Prem thought of requesting the new president of the great country, to do something about it. After all he was the Super Hero for the time being. Prem trespassed all the Protocols and in a couple of minutes time, was talking with the historical President, "Congratulations! There must be quite a celebration mood over there.... Why don't you extend it ?..... Why don't you ask the sun to stay back there and enjoy the party?"
The President spoke, "Thank you for your wishes...... But I don't wish to hold the sun back and throw your country into darkness..... Already Politicians are keeping your citizens in darkness, Big Business Houses had kept their shareholders in darkness. I don't want to do that job, even literally. I ask the citizens of your big democratic country to come into the light."
Like many others, Prem was also impressed by the thoughts of this new leader.

But he had to help Dhanya out. That's when he thought he could approach Lord Hanuman. When he was young, Hanumanji had swallowed Sun and released it only when Gods begged him to do so. So Prem prayed to Hanumanji and in a minute's time he was in Prem's room (Faster than in Bollywood movies). When he heard Prem's request, "No way! That was a long time back. And don't take everything that Val-Mickey writes, so seriously. The sun today has grown to a bigger size nearly a million times than the earth da. No more do I see it as a fruit. Today I see it as a Giant Ball of Fire." So saying he just jumped out of the window. Thud, came a loud sound.
OMG! Lord Hanumanji had not noticed the electric pole that was just outside Prem's house!

Prem thought he could try some help from his grandma. She was known to use some black magic on people and nature. 'Educated Witch', that's how Prem liked to call her. Prem with a shaking voice, "Granny, I have a friend.... She has a request... She wants a longer night... So can you just make the sun come up late tomorrow morning"
But the granny misunderstood completely, "What! A longer night ? Who is this girl ? What are you two up to? Does your mother know about this?"
Prem didn't knew how to answer the embarrassing questions and just disconnected the phone.

Within two minutes, his parents were there in his room and started searching frantically. His father looked below the cot while his mother searched inside the wardrobe. Even the bathroom was thoroughly searched. Prem tried to make them understand the situation, but they will not believe him. They thought their son had brought a girl home. His reputation has been ruined. Now Prem wanted the day to end as soon putting an end all the embarrassments and the questions.


moi said...

lovely write up and imagination.......specially the line "Already Politicians are keeping your citizens in darkness..." too good...please consider writing a book soon.

Charmed One! said...

Good one :)... i liked the 'Val-Mickey' part :)....
Guess thats why the elders say that time is not in our hands.. no one can try to stop time!

Tara said...

Nice nice. :) Poor Prem! Always lands up in some trouble or the other! I could so relate to Dhanya, what with the exam bit! ;)

abhishek said...

poor prem !! Not even god could save him.

Keshi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Keshi said...

I wish I cud hv shorter nights...I guess Time never waits for us neither can it be changed.

**'Educated Witch'

nice term! :)

Good writeup again!


Cяystal said...

No one can save him for now..=D..but yes,this was some story building! :)

Cinderella said...


this is wrong... Prem cannot expect the day to end soon.. he must think about Dhanya's interest and gulp down all the embarrassment.

btw.. great imagination !!

Suresh Kumar said...

@ moi
a book.... it may be too early.... i just write for fun...

@ Charmed One
i remember this great lines on time "
If time doesnt wait for you , dont worry ! just remove the damn battery from the clock and Enjoy life !"

@ Tara
I hope you also didn't postpone studies to the last minute

@ abhishek
Yeah... I think he has to live with some bad memory :)

@ Keshi
Thats how i sometimes address one of my old aunt

@ Crystal
Thx A lot.

@ Cindrella.
Prem bhi Insaan hain na. His reputation has first to be repaired.

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