Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Rendezvous with the Goddess

Prem had been to this tiny hamlet somewhere in the hilly region of South Karnataka. He stayed with his old friend Dharam. Dharam had never studied beyond matriculation. He was the one who believed that everything happens only as per Amma's wishes. Amma to him meant the hometown goddess, Durga.
Dharam carried with him the legend handed over by his ancestors of how Amma roamed the streets after the sun sets and punished the wrong doers of the village. He told Prem that even today on friday nights she goes for patrolling around the village. It was ten o' clock in the night and Prem decided to check the authenticity of the story and asked Dharam to accompany him.

Unwillingly, Dharam ventures with Prem into the chilling night and they sat under the famous Peepal tree hoping for some action. It was after half an hour that Prem heard the sounds of footsteps. When they opened their eyes, they saw a young lady clad in a red saree walking towards them. Prem felt a little chill down his bones. Dharam was fully convinced that she was 'Amma'. When Prem asked for the proof, Dharam pointed at the bare foot of the 'goddess' and the black hair that had been let down and added, 'Mythology calls the young form of Amma as Shodeshi (One of sixteen years age)'.
Prem thought for a minute, 'Even if mallika sherawat had appeared before them that night, Dharam would have accepted her as his goddess'

Before their 'goddess' could address them, Dharam immediately prostrated before her and started asking for forgiveness for spying on her. There seemed to be a confusion in the Goddess eyes as she quickly forgave her devotee. The Goddess asked her devotee Dharam for the address of one Somashekar Rao. Prem hissed his doubts slowly into Dharam's ears, "If she is a goddess, she should be knowing the address herself." Dharam was ready with an answer, "She has come down in the form of a sixteen year old village belle. What do you expect from her? To carry with her a GPS receiver! " Dharam volunteered to show the direction.

The 'goddess' seemed to be too much in a thinking mood. Prem passed on his observations to Dharam, 'She seems to be worried deeply about something. Goddesses can't be bothered about worries. They are remover of worries rite" Dharam rebuked his claims, "She is not worried for herself, she is worried of her children." Prem raised another doubt, "You said she is of sixteen years a minute ago. Now where did the children come from ?"

They had reached the spot. The house of Mr Somashekar Rao. The 'Goddess' requested her disciple to make a howling sound. Dharam was quite surprised by the request, but Prem encouraged, "I hope she is not calling wolves to devour some one. But she definitely knows what you are good at. Go Ahead! and make that mating call of yours." Dharam displayed his talent effectively. A light was lit in Mr Somashekar Rao's house and a few minutes later, a bike started. Prem guessed that a hunting expedition was on their way to get this lone wolf. Thats when the goddess spoke, "Its time you people depart from the place. You will hear more, tomorrow morning from the people."

Prem's curiosity knew no bounds and he wanted to hide in the bushes and watch the rest of the story, "I really want to see how she gets her victims. I am a big fan of slasher movies. I want to see the Gory Part". That time, the 'Goddess' looked at them with disbelief, "Gory! ...You better go home now!" Dharam dragged Prem away from the scene and rushed towards the home.

As expected the next day, the milk man had a story to tell to Dharam's mother, "You know Mr Someshekhar Rao. His son, Rajashekhar ran away with Gowri, that young lower caste girl from the neighboring village, yesterday night in his bike. It is said that two boys from our village helped the lovers to escape. A feud between the two villages is bound to ensue "
Prem who was listening the story, "Your 'goddess' seems to have eloped with one of her ardent devotees. Next the villagers would come looking for us. When is the next train to the city?"


Keshi said...

Interesting twist Suresh!

**"Your 'goddess' seems to have eloped with one of her ardent devotees.

LOL but she's in human form its ok I guess.


Charmed One! said...

:) ... good one... kept me guessing what would come next :)!!!
Prem is really getting into a lot of trouble nowadays :) !!

moi said...

what a twist ??? I didn't expect this!!! LoL good one!!

Dawn....सेहर said...

Nice climax at the end :)
amazing write up

Priya Joyce said...

cool twist

btw nice header liked it


Suresh Kumar said...

@ all

Thanx a lot

@ Priya

Header is designed by Crystal for me

Cinderella said...


badiya story hai.. Prem should feel good about himself.. uska to janam hi prem karne walon ko milane ke liye hua hai.. hai na..

lovely article :)

Suresh Kumar said...

@ Cindrella
At least Prem has something to be proud of :)

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