Friday, January 9, 2009

The Power of Net

She seemed to be Hacker from a different world. Unlike Regular Hackers, Anagha hacked into the minds of the computer users itself, rather than the computer. By doing so, she makes them visit the sites only she would want them to . Once she gains access to the grey cells, she experiments with the programs to control the mind of her victim.

On that fateful day, Anagha gained unauthorised access to Prem's Mind. It seemed that there was only one thing in Prem's Mind and that too all the time, that is 24x7 ,Simran...Simran... Simran. Anagha decided to erase it by making Prem's mind think of something else.

'Let Violence erupt in his mind' she cried and accordingly guided the program to effect some cortex area of the brain so that violence could erupt in his mind. And in a very animated fashion, Prem logged on to some news site. He was redirected to a gallery which starts with a warning that 'some of the pictures were too graphic'. They were scenes from the war zone in Gaza. Prem's mind was surely captivated by these images. His moral sensibilities and self restraint seemed to be breaking down. Anagha thought she was succeeding in deviating his course, but that was not to be. Prem remembered one war which had a deep impact on him since his childhood days. He tried hard to remember but his mind was not in his control. No it is not the Kargil .....not the First Iraq War... Just then he looked outside the window and saw a lonely STAR in the clear sky. That's when the movie name dawned to Prem... STAR WARS. Prem closed the news site and opened you-tube and saw his favourite Star Wars Scene - the battle of Vader and Luke. Prem wanted to see this movie with Simran at some point of life. With love in his mind, violence had no place.

Anagha was the not the one to accept defeat easily,"Greed definitely makes man blind to everything else.'' So now Prem found himself clicking on the finance blog of his good friend and consultant Sathya. The article was focusing on the opportunity for the investors with share pricing falling down, bank rates becoming competitive , Infrastructure improving and so on. It went to say that invest now and have a life of Complete Aaaram (CA). Prem was really brainwashed by the article when suddenly a comment popped up which read, "What about Job Losses, Economic Slowdown, CFOs being arrested, Loan defaults going up etc etc. This only seems to be the tip of the iceberg. I am sure the Indian Economy is going to be subjected to Continuous Atyachar (CA) for some time". That was when Prem got wise and had something of his own to add, ' Instead of investing in shares and building portfolios, I prefer to invest in people and build good relationships'. When he talked about relationship, Simran flied back to his mind. And Greed returned back with the tail between his legs.

That's when Anagha decided to use Lust as her weapon. 'Lust and Passion can destroy any man' . Prem's system went ' You've got mail!'. It was from some unknown email id. But the literature in it promised excitement of a very special kind. Now his mind was full of only one thing. Prem muted the volume and just checked on his parents before proceeding. Blood can flow only in one direction. And now in Prem's case, it was moving in a very wrong direction. But his excitement was short lived as the web page asked for some password before proceeding. Prem seemed to have prepared for such a situation as he had earlier applied for some family filter which blocked such sites and required password before proceeding. He knew that some time would come when temptation and lust may overpower him. He didn't remember the password. Now he pressed on 'forgot the password' button and it popped the secret question - Name of the girlfriend. He had given the name of his girlfriend as his password so that he can never visit such sites and never have the system used by his friends for such purposes. As he remembered his girlfriend Simran, all lust vanished and good sense prevailed on him.

Now a different kind of emotion had captured Anagha's mind. Frustration... Frustration from her first failure.


conanima said...

hi dude i viewed your blog its nice, i like to share my link with your blog.visit my

Cinderella said...

one day, i am gonna make my bf read all ur posts and say "dekho! dekho zara isko... ek yeh prem hai.. aur ek tum ho" :P

Keshi said...

Is this abt me? LOL sounds like it.

WOW u write well Suresh..I like the term 'Hacker from a different world'...

** As he remembered his girlfriend Simran, all lust vanished and good sense prevailed on him.

If only a guy could do that to me....hehehe...


iforgotthat said...

mmmm.... this is so intresting.. why dont you suggest some decent t.v serial idea to Ekta kapoor & her ilk..

Pri said...

hi...u have a dedication from someone, waiting for u at my blog--"nostalgic moments" do come over and check it out :)

seeya around

Akansha Agrawal said...

Sorry to be posting this thing here... but do check out the last part of the rain story, I published 2 posts almost simultaneously...

Charmed One! said...

As always... Prem is a true hero :) .. hope he really does exist :) !!!

Suresh Kumar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Suresh Kumar said...

@ conanima
Welcome to my blog

@ Cindrella
Hmm.... So you are taking this as a 'case study'. But remember this is fiction. It is not easy to be a Prem in real life

R u comparing urself with Anagha. You do have a power to influence with your writings. But ur not as bad as Anagha :)
Well I have requested Crystal to make a dedication for u. Lets wait and c.

@ akansha
all the best for the exams and come back soon

@ charmed one
No. He doesn't exist. It is really a piece of fiction.I am writing only from imagination.

@ Pri
You have a good dedication blog.

@ iforgotthat
thanx.... but i definitely dont want to work with ekta kapoor da.... for time being i write for myself.

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