Sunday, February 1, 2009

Walk the Talk

What a day it was! Some Religious Organization had called a sudden bandh bringing to halt all the activities in the city. Some incidents of stone pelting at plying buses and forceful closing down the shop shutters was reported. Many found themselves stranded in the city. Some found themselves walking back home on foot, if they were not lucky to get a lift. Prem was one such unlucky soul. And to give him company was Dhanya, who was cursing the rogues who had called the bundh.

Dhanya hated walks. Never did she go for any morning strolls. Even for groceries, she would just call the supermarket and get it delivered to home. A distance of even one to two kilometers was usually covered by Autos. Today even they were scarcily available.

Somehow Prem tried to cheer her up and keep her mind away from fearful thoughts of rioting etc, "A long walk is always good for health. Besides a travel on a vehicle-less road is a rare opportunity. Our forefathers most of the time walked from one village to another. And think about those journeys on foot that has made history in the past...."
Dhanya was not at all in a mood for a long walk , "I don't like walking and I don't like thinking. I don't want to go to the past. I just want to go home and that too quickly... "

But Prem wasn't listening. He was looking for examples and he found good ones, "Maryada Purushottam Raam walked most of the time and that too barefooted through the dense forests fighting beasts and demons."
Dhanya didn't like the topic of walking, "Boss. It was in the dense forests and the trees were there to protect them from the scorching heat. And why not you try walking barefooted on these concrete roads? And one more point. Raam was fully armed. You don't even have a pocket knife!"

Prem ignored her insults and remained enthusiastic. " Remember the history or at least the scenes from the movie where King Ashoka ventured out to walk around the city and all he got to see was burnt houses and scattered corpses. That sight made him yell out the famous lines, 'What have I done?' That is what made him adapt buddhism. Now that's what I call a good example for the positive effects of a long walk"
Dhanya in a very serious tone, "All I get to see here is closed shops and worried faces. And this experience here will make me yell out, 'Oh God! Why is my country going to the dogs?' and adapt a Honda Activa at the earliest, so that I don't have to walk home in these situations. Now that could be a positive outcome of this walk. "

Prem still continued, "Think about the marches done by our freedom fighters. Gandhi and his historic dandhi march. It took him in total 23 days.These walks led to uniting of people and figthing for a just cause."
Dhanya had enough of his walking shit, "Comon, give me a break. My due respects to Gandhiji. But with 50000 people behind you and an extensive press coverage, I would have also loved to do it. But what do I have, Only You!."

At that time, Inspector Ali, their ex neighbor who was patrolling, stopped the vehilce and offered them a lift. Dhanya thanked God for having heard her prayers. Unfortunately the vehicle was already jampacked and there was room for only one person. Dhanya took it for herself, "Uncle ! Don't worry about Prem. He wouldn't mind walking another 14 kilometers. He is interested in having his name inscribed in the pages of the history. Let him start it from here "
The expression on Prem's face was worth a million. That's when a pressman in the vehicle captured Prem's image in his camera and said, "If not in the history pages, at least it would appear in the tomorrow's newspapers."


moi said...

nice writeup, so did you have to walk 14km huh??

Charmed One! said...

Prem has got one hell of a great knowledge about history :) ...
very well written :)

ApocalypsE said...

I'm sorry prem had to walk all 14 kms, but looking on the bright side he would get his photo published in the newspaper...Good to read...:-)

Keshi said...

Even history will be changed with TIME :)

Nice read.

And today is SL's Independence Day..altho alot of ppl dun agree that all Sri Lankans hv total Independence.


Dawn....सेहर said...

WOW! this way everyday there will be something or the other isnt it?
Nice write up and yes Prem classic thoughts made me smile :)
Keep writing

!Teq-uila Del Zapata said...

ha ha, that was such a lesson, keep talking of things, which no one wants to do and then suddenly u land up in the same foot-in-mouht situation. poor good fella prem.

Priya Joyce said...

oh my GOD 14 KMs poor prem


well tat's true..atleast newspapers show some kindness if not the history books :P

Suresh Kumar said...

@ Moi
I like walking. while in bangalore once had walked from Vasantnagar to South end i.e around 10 kilometers i guess along with friends.

@ Charmed One
Yeah I presume he browses wikipedia regularly.

@ ApocalypsE.
Something to be happy about at the end of the walk.

@ Keshi
Independence is a much misused word. Free country it is but are all of its people independent ?

@ Dawn
Thank You

@ Tequila del Zapata
Hmm. Thanks. And what a name u have. I would like to know more on the name of yours Tequila del zapata

@ Priya
But newspapers like history distort facts....papers may show him only as one of the persons affected by the bandh. :)

Priya Joyce said...

@ suresh:

well that is quite true...niway...he's quite unlucky to get a specific..article on himself...

or in other words has missed his name in the golden pages...

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