Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Sixth Sense

I have been tagged by Shilpa. The rules are thus:

Pick the 6th picture of your 6th photo folder.
Tell a story around it.
Pass it on to six other people you like.

My sixth folder has photos of this naughty kid. Now let us go back to some thirteen years earlier and hear the story of how his parents got married. The story is a simple one. Names have been changed.

Once upon a time, Mangalore was a very small town with no big malls, no pubs, no FM radio. In a small colony, lived a pretty girl named Shubhitha who had completed her graduation and was waiting for her Prince charming.

A Prince did appear. Literally! The Prince was from a small village of a neighbouring state, but he didn't had a kingdom and his palace was in ruins and he didn't depend on tax money from his subjects. Rather he worked as a lecturer and also doubled as a farmer. He didn't had servants under him. The girl fell for the Prince, though knowing that it meant sacrificing the town life and living off in a village in a alien land speaking alien language. She didn't even mind the age difference of nine years.

The Prince who went by the name Ranjan instantly fell in love with Shubhitha and gave his consent for marrying the girl at the earliest. He didn't think that a deeper analyis of horoscope would be required. For some times, the romance continued through landlines (Lucky are the present generation as they can communicate easily and at any time via mobile and chats ) and personal visits and letters (Now-a-days postman delivers only telephobe bills and insurance premium notices). He shared with her some photography tips and magic tricks. She believed that photography is also a magic trick that made people look more beautiful.

But then one day, a famed and old astrologer landed at the Prince's palace and warned, "This wedding can't take place!" He used such a language that freightened the King and the Queen (i.e Ranjan's parents) , "Don't tell me that I had not warned." They called off the marriage. Prince protested a bit but afterwards went quiet. Shubhita deeply hurt by his silence and refused to touch any food or water. Her mother got worried and immediately contacted her brother. He came down from the nearby temple city and without wasting any further time proceeded to the Palace.

He was not treated rudely, but rather heartly welcomed. The King and Queen expressed their helplessness as they had no courage to go against the fate. But the girl's uncle wanted to talk to Ranjan. The Uncle had a simple question to him, "If you truly started loving her, It would be easy for you to put yourself in her place and experience the pain. I have not come here to beg you or ask you to accept her. It's left to you completely." Ranjan realised his mistake and decided to go ahead with the marriage, "Mother! I have shown dreams to a girl of my life being shared with her in all happiness and sorrows. Can I put her into sorrow myself? If I take my move backwards, then It would be going against my own words. Sorry Mother! I am going to marry her."

In this way Ranjan got married to Shubhitha and today they are blessed with two naughty boys.

I wouldn't tag anyone. But really would like to see how my fellow bloggers frame their stories around a picture.


Charmed One! said...

Hey whose photo is that now..
damn cute photo :)
thirteen years earlier huh? or should it be thirty :P ...
that means thats not you in the photo and not your parents story :) ...

very sweet love story too :) .. these horoscopes can really be pain sometimes. so best is shouldn go for it at all...

Shilpa said...

Nice :)

Priya Joyce said...

heyyyyyy lovely story...well ..whose it of the person in the story?


or is tat u?

well I juss loved the pic and the tag....

Keshi said...

WOW wut a cute tag! :) I loved reading this Suresh. This is indeed a very naughty kid's story! I love the End too...I love Happy Endings hehe.

btw leave me ur email addy plz tnxx!


Suresh Kumar said...

@ Charmed One !
Not definitely me. Its my sisters son.

@ Shipa

@ Priya
Its not the person in the story. But his son. It's my sister's kid.

@ Keshi
Hmm.... Its not the naughty Kid's story..... Its his parents.... of how they came together.... Hmmmmm ?

moi said...

cute story and he seems to be your nephew as per the comments, so is the story real or just a figment of imagination?

Suresh Kumar said...

@ moi
Yes, he is my nephew.

The story is a real one but the character names have been changed.

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

That was a well executed tag!Nice pic too :)

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