Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Software Man

Prem wanted to know more about this young man, Mr Madan. He was studying Plus One and in the same college as his neighbor Dhanya and both of them have become quite good friends attracting the eyes of the seniors.

Prem was greeted by Madan's father, who shocked Prem with his answer, when Prem asked for Madan, "He has locked himself in the room with his wife." Madan's mother quickly explained him, "He is sitting in front of his system developing a software."

Madan came down to greet Prem. Prem was more curious on the software. The young boy with an excited look, "I call it QFO." Madan's father added his explanation, "Like Unidentifiable Flying Objects, Questional Flying objects.... Right son!. He must have entered the kitchen and seen some kitchen objects flying." Turning to Madan's mother, "I have told you several times not to fight when the kid is at home. Now he is making it public and that too over the net, I suppose"

Madan was not listening, "Its called QUOTES FOR the OCCASSION" and went on with his explanation, "My software integrates the quotes from the various best known quote sites available and then labels them accordingly..."
Madan's father, "You should take some from me too, I have build up my own collection during you and your sister's upbringing."
Madan quickly retorted, "No I only go for quality quotes"
Madan's father looked at his wife, "What kind of child you have given me? He is insulting his creators"

Madan continued with his software, "Then whenever you want a quote for any occassion, enter the keyword and It will find one for you from the whole warehouse of quotes and also checks whether quote has already been supplied. Thus, It supplies a unique quote each time....and also it has a internal rating system"
Madan's father wanted to experiment it, "Give me a quote for a quarreling husband and wife.", and then looked at his wife with a grin, "And give me a good one and not a silly one"
Prem was given the opportunity to do the honours on Madan's laptop. The quote got highlighted on the desktop and Prem read it, " The couple that fights the most is the one most in luve... It shows that they care enough to notice the other one screwed up and care enough to mention to to the other person so they can fix it. When you stop fighting, it means you stop caring."
Mother was happy with the quote, "Now why don't you acknowledge me for having such a child."

Prem had one doubt, "This is a good software which can has lot of application. It could be applied while preparing some essay or article to get some good quotes. Or it could help speakers and motivational leaders to spice up their speeches. Have you tried to market it? "
Madan looked a bit confused, "Err! I never thought of these areas. Well I gave the software compatibility features with the mobile."
Prem thought this young boy would go and become something like Sabeer Bhatia until he heard his final words.
Madan continued, "I connect this QFO to the mobile and give a occassion and let it find a unique quote and then transmit it across the mobile to my girlfriend Dhanya as a GOODNIGHT quote."

Prem could not comprehened this, "All these efforts just to send daily Goodnight quotes to your girlfriend?"
Madan's father looked at his wife, "Really! You have given me a unique product with special features."


V. Archana said...

wow... i love that software.. i wish theres something like that in market.
hey suresh,this blog-novel hwatever is getting more and more interesting.. :) nice man,keep going.

Charmed One! said...

nice software :) .. all hi-tech lovers these days :) ....
guess should wait n see what more Madan does for Dhanya :) ...

moi said...

madan has got a great software here, lets market it!!! so atlast a new guy in picture with dhanya, im glad madan and dhanya!!! loved the last line "you have given me a unique product with special features..hehehe"

Tara said...

Great software there! Where do you come up with such brilliant ideas? :)

Suresh Kumar said...

@ Archana
Thx a lot.

@ Charmed One
The software would save It saves a lot of time na. Let us see what madam has for future cost and time management for lovers.

@ Moi
Market the software? I wud be the first one to purchase it

@ Tara
Just by looking around :)

ApocalypsE said...

unique product with special features indeed...:-)


Cinderella said...


I loved the software... and I loved the guy who made it... and I loved the creativity of this crazy blogger too, who has this non ending stock of fundoo ideas..

Arjun said...

Love makes one do crazy things indeed! i loved the way you ended it..

Suresh, my blog on Sulekha is

Keshi said...

Keep writing ur sweet Simran n Prem stories Suresh :) I'll see u when I see u next. TC n stay gold!


aZoed said...

m a first timer here...
so do I need to start reading from the very beginning?

Suresh Kumar said...

@ Apocalypse now

@ Cindrella
You made my day with that compliment

@ Arjun
I already checked it. I saw that in ur profile i suppose

@ Keshi
Come back soon. May be I wud also be on a small break and that too a forced one

@ Azoed
Not at all! It is a series. But each story stands on its own. Just have to know characters. Prem and Simran are couples (say in their mid twenties) and Dhanya is prem's young neighbour in her late teens.

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