Monday, February 16, 2009

The Morning Thief!

There was a commotion in the neighborhood. A lady's high pitch voice which seemed to be cursing and using all the expletive words, made its way to Prem's ears despite the music that flowed from his desktop. Prem instantly jumped to his feet and joined the small crowd that had gathered there.
It seems a thief had been caught trying to enter her house. That house which was next to Dhanya's, belonged to a lady whose husband worked abroad. The thief was a very young gentleman of around Seventeen years. The innocent looks and the attire only gave the impression that he could not steal anything other than a young girl's heart. But for the lady, he was a intruder, "Scoundrel! Bastard! Thief!." The boy was begging her to show some mercy and showed her his college identity, "I am a student!" Prem looked around and thought he saw a worried look on Dhanya. She had taken a break from her studies and had joined the crowd.

The lady took the identity card and read the college name and added, "Mr Madan? Nice Name... But What the hell were you doing outside my window peeping into my bedroom? Are you not getting pocket money? Are you into drugs?"
When he heard the college name, Prem guessed the objective of the boy, so he interrupted, "Well! Actually he came to see me...." All gazes were directed at Prem.
But the lady questioned him, "Then why did he enter my home in the first place?"
Prem replied coolly, "Technology! I didn't give the address. He took the address and used google earth to track it. And look where it has landed him. Right Madan?"
The boy just nodded his head, as he just wanted to escape from the scene.

The lady swallowed the explanation as she hardly understood it, but still had a serious doubt, "Why not use the doorbell or knock on the door, rather than entering stealthily. "
Prem smiled a bit, "Hmm....He knew that I would not open the door for him, if he used the doorbell or knocked on the door. So he went ahead with his Plan B. Am I correct, Madan? "
Madan came up with a hurried Yes, though he knew that Prem was just bluffing

The lady was a lover of gossips and smelled something interesting here, "Hmm.... Is there some love lost relationship with one party trying to reconcile...... or has some girl come between you two?"
Prem looking a bit hesitant, "If there was a girl.... that would mean competition for him...."
That made the lady think, "You mean.... he is a ........" She didn't even wanted to use the word.
Prem went ahead with his explanation, " I know I am Hot and good looking and that my smile can give some girls sleepless nights. But I didn't knew that I would attract some one from my own sex towards me.... "
Madan gave a confused look. After nodding yes for everything till now, he now found himself put into a ugly situation by Prem.

The lady and other residents of the colony looked with shock at the young man and started commenting. Some started guessing as what could have attracted the boy ('It must be Prem's torso'). Others were supporting him ('Some Indian males are like this. They secretly like Sharukh Khan, you know.')
These statements stirred something inside Dhanya and she just blasted loudly at Prem, "Stupid! Liar! You don't even know him. Madan is definetely not the type who likes boys.... and that's for sure....I can vouch for that" Someone from the crowd got alerted, "Hey! The college name on the boy's identity! Its the same one where Dhanya studies."

Everyone looked at Dhanya. She couldn't stand their suspecting stares. Her feeling for the boy was being read by the crowd. She got embarrassed and ran inside her house. Prem just smiled as everyone was left speechless. Suddenly, a old man gave a war cry, "The boy is running away! Get him! He may not a thief! But definitely more dangerous than a thief!"


Keshi said...

** ('Some Indian males are like this. They secretly like Sharukh Khan, you know.')

LOL Suresh!


abhishek said...

I just don't like SRk...i love him...he's my first love yaar :P

curious thief BTW

Tara said...

Finally! Dhanya finds someone too! Nice story. You write excellent fiction Suresh, very hi-tech! :)

Shilpa said...

u've been tagged. :)

ApocalypsE said...

Can't stop laugh...

Nicely done :-)

Suresh Kumar said...

@ Keshi
Its a fact :)

@ Abhishek
That's a breaking news in the blogging world :)

@ Tara
Yeah! Love has found Dhanya

@ Apocalypse

Charmed One! said...

Ohhh Dhanya too has found herself a boy haan :) .... thats nice :)

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