Friday, February 13, 2009

The Valentine's Day

Like a statesman, Prem had decided, "Enough IS Enough" and on that D-Day early morning, he started his bike and proceeded towards Simran's house. He had to sort things out and that too at the earliest. But a man with a saffron robe and a tilak in his head, stopped him and addressed, "White color dress and the excitement on the face! Looks like the romantic hero is on the way to meet his valentine. Haven't you heard of our campaign of getting the valentine couple's married?"
Prem was more than happy to listen to his, "Well then! I want to get married but can't because of parental opposition. Seems like my prayers are answered. Please come with me." Prem looked around to see another stupid saffron guy stopping a nurse and asking the same question.

So Prem reached Simran's house a bit late thanks to the saffron guy. Simran had already dashed to the office. Prem was a bit irritated, "Why don't they declare Valentine's day as a National Holiday!"

Without wasting a time, Prem made his move towards her office. But she had been handled outside assignments for that day. She could be anywhere in the city. It was already Nine Thirty and he had to wait till five thirty in the evening before he can see her. The saffron guy was heartbroken, "Well! I need to have some numbers in my kitty before the evening."

Prem got immersed in his work as he had presentations to make. But as soon as clock stuck five thirty, like a enthusiastic school boy, he jumped out of his seat and ran towards the parking zone. The saffron guy was already waiting for him. Prem wanted to know the Mangalsutra count he had achieved, "The mangalsutra count has not yet started. But the rakhi count is more than ten i.e the rakhis the girls had tied around my hand" Prem didn't had time to listen to his sad story as he broke the city speed limits to reach Simran's office.

She came out of her office.... but was accompanied by a handsome gentleman. The saffron guy got a hint, "Story mein twist. Is it some colleague who is very close to her. " Prem corrected him, "No! Story mein problem. Its her brother who will not let any guy come very close to her." The saffron guy understood the matter and was sure that Prem would not go ahead and talk with Simran in her brother's presence. It would mean creating a scene.

But meeting did take place between Prem and Simran. Well not in the real sense. Their eyes meet. Simran hinted something by her eyes as if she was saying to Prem, "Check your pocket." Prem digged into his pocket and took out his mobile. There were four missed calls and all by Simran. For the presentation, he had turned the mobile to silent mode and it had remained so for the rest of the day. There was also a voice message from Simran. Looking at her, he heard the message, " Where are you? Waiting impatiently to meet you.", the next lines surprised Prem until he heard the final part, "I don't like Govinda nor his dresses or movies. But remember what he told Rani in Hadh Kar dhi Aapne. Well I want to say the same thing to you. With You in my mind, For me, Everyday is a Valentines day, Every hour is a Valentine Hour, Every Minute is a Valentine minute and every second is a Valentine second. I LOVE YOU........."

The Saffron Guy racked his brains in utter confusion and asked Prem, "Well! Is she or Is she not celebrating today as Valentine's day ?"


Charmed One! said...

Its truly a valentine moment in this post now :) .. Prem finally saw Simran after such a long time :) ...

Yup Simran is right, every moment is for celebrating love :) .. it cant be limited to a single day :) ...

Happy valentines day to you Suresh! :)

Cinderella said...

awesome... m sure, prem would have found that moment, divine ...

happy v-day to both of them :)

Dawn....सेहर said...

Cool post on a cool day with a cool thought :)...

Happy Valentine's Day


Keshi said...

A very LOVEY moment that was :)


Tara said...

A love-ly post! Poor saffron brother! :)

Suresh Kumar said...

@ Charmed One
Thanks... but my valentine's day was spent in door and alone :(
But as Simran says every moment is for love and life.

@ Cindrella
A sacred moment to be never forgotten

@ Dawn, Keshi and Tara

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

Hey belated V-Day wishes! :)

moi said...

well finally simran spoke her heart out, i am glad :) glorious moment!!

Priya Joyce said...

love is ecstatic... wat it dus to us...
and the Govinda's dialogue was put up in the correct place..and wat a dialogue it ws..
wah wah :):)

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