Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Prem meets Indira

Prem was watching something very interesting on the Telly when the bell rang. The way the bell was rung, he knew that it was Dhanya. He didn't want Dhanya to find out what he was watching and quickly tried to switch channels. But the remote didn't seem to work. So he just pressed very hard on the button seven and the channel changed. At the same time there was a huge deafening sound as if something crashed down on the terrace.

He first opened the front door for Dhanya and then both of them ran up stairs to find the source of that huge sound. The remote button had brought a helicopter down on their terrace. A pilot was observing the helicopter and the damage that has been caused due to the crash. While another, a Sikh with his machine gun in his hand pointed at them while a elderly lady stepped down the helicopter. It was Mrs Indira Gandhi. Dhanya couldn't believe it, "Now I know what is meant by Diversification. Earlier we used to encounter imaginary characters and mythology heroes. Now Your mind has diversified and bringing back great leaders from the post. Now explain to Mrs Indira Gandhi."
Prem tried to explain it but it went to deaf ears. Dhanya very cooly, "Allow a lady to explain. Like our army plane sometime enters into the enemy zone, so has your helicopter entered into a different time zone. History always said that you were much ahead of your time. Now you are, Madam."

Indira Gandhi came to terms with this and wanted to know more about the country, "So, how is our silly neighbour ?"
Prem with a dull face, "Uske baare mein kya kehna. We opened up the road route, they decided to take the sea route and thus made a visit to the financial capital and as they say in the stock market, 'there was blood on the streets' literally. " Dhanya explained to her the Mumbai Tragedy and the aftermath of mere exchange of words in the last two months after the incident. Indira Gandhi couldn't believe it, "I am ashamed of this. Sonia should have used her power and brought Pakistan to its knees. These daughter in laws never want to learn anything from their Mother in Laws"

Indira Gandhi wanted to hear something positive, "Well, I hope my dreams of Garibi Hatao has been achieved. I mean the economy has progressed"
Prem said, "Well. Economy is not at all bad except that we are going through a recession and there is lot of job losses and lots of big financial scams and well, consumer spending is coming down drastically and real estate is in doldrums. But poverty is still there and that too Desh Ke Kone Kone Mein (At every corner of this country). "
Indira Gandhi got confused, "My Boy! A very nice way of expressing. Anyway if poverty is eradicated, then that means an end for the game of politics"

Indira Gandhi smiled at the Young Dhanya and asked her, "Do you have complaints against your great Nation, Girl"
Dhanya said, "Well ! India has grown but not the minds of the Indians. Specially the male species. The violence against the women has increased tenfold. Rapes, Harassment and other kinds of violence acts against the women folk is on an all time high. You can call it a record of sorts. And there doesn't seem to be a political will in some states to solve the same"
Indira Gandhi was horrified, "You know I had done a grave mistake in the seventies. I had misused a law. This would have been the right time to implement that law...."
Prem knew what the Great Lady was thinking. Dhanya looked at both of them, "And what could that be...."
Indira Gandhi smiled, "Declare Emergency. Ceasefire in those states and full power to the police force to handle such lunatics...."

At that time, the helicopter was repaired and was ready for take for. But how will she get back to her time... i.e 25 years back. Prem had the solution, "I think its because of this button in the remote that you landed here. May be it could take you back. Press the button 7 when you are ready for take off...."

She took the remote and cried to her bodyguard, "Comon, Satwant. Time to go home....." When the engine started, Prem remembered something, "Did she say Satwant! Oh My God! It is one of the bodyguards who will fire at her on October 31, 1984"

But it was too late. Mrs Indira Gandhi had already pressed the button and she was back in her time. An opportunity to save a great life goes begging.


Keshi said...

WOW he even meets her! :)

btw u asked for my saree pics...see this post!

btw I'll be away for few day Suresh...hv fun!


moi said...

Declare Emergency ??? Lolz...nice post. Prem indeed is lucky to meet Indira Gandhi!! :)

Charmed One! said...

Great comparison between Indira's era and ours suresh :)...
Looks like we havn improved much after all na ...
the last part about Satwant was really good :).....

abhishek said...

u make very relevant statements through your stories..

ApocalypsE said...

Just wondering what the hell was prem watching?lol:-)

i need to get remotes like this...:-)

Suresh Kumar said...

@ Keshi
Have Fun and those were nice pics

@ moi
with more incidents coming up and the some sections coming out with warning of spoiling the valentine's day fun, an emergency of sorts may be required in my hometown mangalore.

@ charmed one
not much has progressed. if we progress like this, stone age is not far away.

@ abhishek
thanks buddy

@ apocalypse e
hmm.... ur guess would be good as mine.

Dawn....सेहर said...

Wow!!! what an idea and what a cool way of comparison - reminded me of Lage raho munna bhai :) with Bapu :)

Cheers dear awesome!!!

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