Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Serial Kidnapper

Prem and Dhanya didn't remember what had happened. But when they opened their eyes, they found themselves in a dark room with this human being who looked more like a beast. It was clear that they had been kidnapped and to Dhanya, the person looked more like a serial killer. "Correction!" cried the dark man who seemed to be in his forties " Not a serial killer. But a serial kidnapper who has a pattern."

Dhanya was very freightnened and at the same time was pissed off with Prem, "What is with you that attracts all kinds of special animals and creatures towards you. Get me out of here!"
Prem was clueless of what was happening. He couldn't move, his foot and hands were tied to the chair, "Mr Villain! Could you please explain as to why we have the privilege of being your guests"
The Serial kidnaper again yelled at the top of his lungs, "Correction! Not her. You!"

Villains always like talking before they start their heinous crimes. So also did this Serial kidnapper, "Last month! I kidnapped a bank employee. I thought he was still a bachelor at the age of 38. But I was mistaken, he had a wife who worked in a different location. They meet once in a month. I felt it was wrong for a couple to live such a separated life. So I kidnapped the husband....."
Dhanya got irritated and slowly whispered, "Prem..... he seems to be a psycho.... "
The serial kidnapper continued, "But the husband's words melted my heart, 'We are living a separated life so that we can earn and provide a better life for our kid. The present is sacrificed for the future of our kid'. I couldn't hold him anymore"
Dhanya was comforted "Psycho.... but with a soft heart...."

The villain continued, "But last fortnight I saw this healthy old man whose wife was on life support systems at the hospital. I didn't like this descrimination and just whisked away the old man...."
Dhanya was confused, "I don't see the pattern here"
But the serial kidnapper kept talking on, "I asked the old man, how can he live like that when his wife is on a death bed. His answer brought tears to my ears, 'Who said I am living? I am dying each and every day. A painful death. Suffering is much worser than death.' So I let him go and live.... or die...."
Dhanya whispered to Prem, "Be prepared with some sentimental answers and we can be out of here."

Now he moved towards Prem and started speaking very harshly, "But You! They had their reasons. You don't have a reason for being separate from your loved one. It's more than five months I suppose since you have met Simran."
Dhanya exclaimed, "Wow! He studies his victims a lot. Even we don't do so much for our assignments." The villain was a bit happy with the comment.
Prem's facial expression changed, "I know separation is a bitter part of any romance. But it has to be endured to make any love strong. Absence is to love what wind is to fire; it extinguishes the small, it enkindles the great**"

The villain was totally dumb stuck with the answer, "Great! You have removed all my doubts! From now onwards no more kidnapping"
Dhanya was pleased and slowly commented to Prem, "Looks like he has finally got his Ph. D" and looking joyfully at the kidnapper, "That means we are free to go!"
The kidnapper freed Dhanya, "You are free to go. I know, You are married to your books for the time being. I don't want to keep you away from them for a long time. But Let Prem be with me for a week. Anyway Valentine's Day is nearing. I want to see how absence enkindles the great love"

Dhanya looked at Poor Prem, "Looks like you have got your first student. So much for preaching. Good luck" and she made her way out.


Charmed One! said...

LOl.. poor Prem is celebrating valentines day with the villain huh :)... too bad ..i was hoping he could meet Simran on the big V-day ....
Hope he does meet Simran somehow :) ...

Keshi said...

Well all my V-days hv been like that so far LOL!


Shilpa said...

hey Suresh,
have u thot of sharing this story with SihiKahi Chandru?
He'll make a serial out of this :)

abhishek said...

bechara prem!!

have some mercy on him ;)

Smi said...

good composition...are all the stories related or different?

moi said...

lol :)

Suresh Kumar said...

@ Charmed One!
I really hope so. He wants to meet her.

@ Keshi
Hmm.... somehow i can't believe it. why at all ?

@ shilpa
I don't have any connection with the media or the tv world.
Well he wud name it as Pappa Premu, i suppose :)

@ abhishek
Hmm... a little pain in the name of luv wont harm da.

@ Smi
thanx for visitng. all stories are not related but the characters are common. Knowing the background may be helpful. The romantic pair Prem and simran are forced to stay apart because of the parental opposition. Their adventures, fantasies, dilemmas occupy my blog. Dhanya is a young neighbour of Prem who is basically a observer.
And thanx to u, I found a good online kannad radio. radiogirmit.

@ Moi
Thanx a lot.

Shilpa said...

u've been tagged

Cinderella said...

so true...

## it extinguishes the small, it enkindles the great ##

lets see :)

happy v-day to prem, simran, dhanya and you. Enjoy !!!

Keshi said...

cos I always ended up with a rude Villain on V-day!


Dawn....सेहर said...

Interesting post I must say...with the twists :)

Suresh Kumar said...

@ Cindrella
Thanks and Happy Valentine's day to you too

@ Dawn
Thank you. You really have a great and cute romantic story posted on your page.

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