Friday, February 20, 2009

A Decision Has To Be Taken!

A High level meeting was scheduled to be held between some close neighbors and Prem was not invited. Prem was curious to know more as to what would ensue in this meeting. So with the help of old neighbor Inspector Ali, he got the venue bugged. And from the comforts of his room, he heard the proceedings of the meeting along with Dhanya. For Dhanya, this meeting was more important than the practical exam to be held next week.

The Agenda for the meeting was future of Dhanya. Now some senior members are sure that Dhanya has a boy friend, Mr Madan (Dhanya's mother preferred Master Madan). So the Speaker, that is Dhanya's Mother, 'This is a serious issue for my family. I wanted her to be fully focussed on the text books. But like Radha, her mind has wavered to some krishna's flute call." A old man who liked classical songs started rendering the composition 'Alai Payuthey'. But the chairperson silenced her and got back to the meeting.

Dhanya's mother told her decision, "I would like to change her college and put her to a girls college Sharada Pre University College."
Dhanya who was listening this from Prem's room started complaining, "No! I don't want to go to that college!"
Prem understood the pains of leaving a college where you have made good friends. But Dhanya had something different to tell, "You know! They have this standard uniform of Black and white churidhars. How boring! Full Black and white! No Jeans! No life at all."

Dhanya's father had a different plan, "Changing a collge at this stage is not at all practical. Don't worry darling! I will do the bodyguard job and accompany her to the college daily."
Dhanya was shocked, "Then I would become the butt of college jokes. And I am pretty sure, Mother would not take such a risk of sending father with me."
And she was right as the speaker rejected the idea, "That would mean attracting more problems as if the current one was not sufficient."

Dhanya's granny was the guest for the occassion, "Get her married and leave that decision to her husband. You know, I got married at 15 and at Dhanya's age I was carrying you in my stomach."
Prem teased Dhanya and asked her to give it a thought, "They say in Hindi, 'Kal karo tho aaj kar, Aaj kar tho ab kar'
But Dhanya's mother rejected her, "Everyone here seems to be thinking of increasing my troubles. Anyone gimme a practical idea."

Prem's mother was present on the occassion, " Sister, I have an advice. Don't try to tie her up or restrict her freedom. Just explain to her as a friend. If you can't do that, get it done through someone who is close to her and who is senior to her."
Dhanya's mother, "You have rightly said, Sister. And who else is better to explain this than your son Prem."
It was now upto Prem to explain to her. But Prem knew Dhanya well, "Well, I know that you are a intelligent girl and also that you know where to draw the line. So no big advices from me....And yeah... enjoy yourself driving your parents nuts over this."


Dawn....सेहर said...

Boy! Granny's words brought goosebumps in my body!!! :) it is so easy for them to say and imagine about Dhanya :)
But Suresh, I have to tell you that you are very good at bringing the humor to such a serious meeting :) about the father's plan being a bodygaurd :D
you are total hilarious dear
I loved the post very much and at the end loved the advise of Prem ... after all Prem (love) is great
enjoyed thoroughly this post
kudos to you
cheers and have a great weekend

Tara said...

Wowie! Nice Prem there...a very mature response! Great job! :)

moi said...

prem has gotten a big responsibility!! well after the v-day post, i was expecting more of prem and simran stories...hehe...

Suresh Kumar said...

@ Dawn
Thanks a lot. Reading such a review made my day

@ Tara
Now Lets s whether he will act matured in future too

@ Moi
Hmm.... After V-Day, I thought lets focus on some teenage romance... and so hav selected dhanya and madan... I like it to drag it to few more episodes in future.

Charmed One! said...

Gosh i was just away for a week from the blogging world n so much has happened huh :) ...
hmmm now on its gonna be dhanya's love story so :) .. vl miss Simran :( ....

Arjun said...

Well said.. the best thing is to let the preson decide. I'm loving your series...I believe you will get a lot of readers for this on Sulekha

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