Monday, March 9, 2009

The Small Fight

Prem's alma mater had this open air theatre where every second saturday, a movie was screened. On that occassion, they had selected Kushi. On hearing the movie name, he thought it was a childrens movie like Makdee etc. Prem decided to enjoy the movie with his good friend and neighbor Dhanya.
The movie was not a children's film but it was not interesting also. During the interval, The Boy and the girl had a big fight, just because the boy had caught a glimpse of the girl's navel area.

"Stupid!", said Prem, "The critic rightly said, 'Commuinicate, dont WAIST time'. I will tell you some real situation where couples fight. Picturise this college ground and Me sitting with Simran"
Now these kind of stories are what excites Dhanya more, "Yeah, Done it. Ready.... Lights.... Camera... Action" and the scene started playing in Dhanya's mind, as Prem started narrating.
Prem, a bit irritated at Simran, "Why didn't you inform me yesterday night that you were going to be late from that function. Atleast a message... I called you a dozen time."
Simran kept the book she was reading down and with a smile, "Prem, You are behaving like a typical Indian Husband. Put this in your mind. I am capable of taking care of myself."
Prem was a bit annoyed, "Its not about taking care of anyone. Rather, Its about not having anyone worried. I was worried da"

After sometime, Simran expressed this thought which was just meant to mock Prem, "Prem, Sometimes I feel Its better to be single rather than being committed...."
Prem just brushed it away. But Simran dragged it a little further, "What if this thought comes to me after I marry you."
Prem couldn't believe that Simran was allowing such a thought to occupy her mind, "Its like my worst nightmare coming alive and tormenting me. Simran! If you put that thought into action, then I would have no one to turn to, except death."

Her moods was definitely changing as she suddenly became serious, "OK. Jokes apart, When are you going to marry me? I can't wait any long...."
Now Prem decided to pull her legs, "You seem to have confusion of remaing single or being committed. Decide for yourself and then comeback to me. Take your own time."
Simran got very furious, "Take your own time? Well I have all the time in the world! But not for you anymore! So don't call me, don't message me, and yes above all DONT LOVE ME.

And thus Simran walked away, though Prem was ready to fall at her feet and ask for forgiveness.
When he finished the story, Prem found that no one was watching the movie. Everyone was listening to the story. They wanted to know the remaining part of the story. Prem told what he said to Simran when she came back to him with a Sorry after three days,
"I think we can't take this relationship any further. I was ready to leave everything including my parents and come to you. If you do something of this sort after marriage, then whom should I turn to. "
Simran said, "Do you believe that I will leave you? "
Prem didn't answer the question. He had made his decision, the decision of living the life without HIS Simran.
There was this guy with the guitar who commented, "It wouldn't be too long before You start singing this song of THE PLAYER", and he started playing his guitar and also crooning
"Baby come back, any kind of fool couled see.
There was something in everything about you.
Baby come back, you can blame it all on me.
I was wrong, and I just can't live without you"

But Prem knew that he would be firm in his decision and wouldn't sway an inch.


Charmed One! said...

there seems to be some trouble in paradise :( ...

Aww suresh hope Prem and Simran come back together again.. they have fought against all problems so much for their love.. its really sad if they dont realize its worth :( ..

moi said...

Aaaah!!! is just a casual remark, why prem is ready to leave simran?? Is it so easy for guys ???

ApocalypsE said...

Man thats sad...I reckon Prem saying he would embrace death if Simran leaves him... Nice...

Cinderella said...

yeh kahani main twist!!!

definitely, not Prem's style... what happened?

Suresh Kumar said...

@ Charmed One
There is trouble in paradise.
In real life people fight for such small reasons and separate. This story may not sound convincing, but what if this was not a fiction ? then what do u say ?

@ Moi
Definitely not a casual remark. Its not that Prem was ready to leave simran. He was told to do so by Simran. Simran may have told that in the grasp of anger, but....

Yeah! The self-implicted separation is killing him softly

@ Cindrella
Reality Bites. Prem came out of his dreamy world and got bitten by reality. Not all sweet love stories have great endings.

Charmed One! said...

@Suresh Kumar
if its not a fiction then i still say the same Suresh
*they have fought against all problems so much for their love.. its really sad if they dont realize its worth*

Its very easy to say so i know... what people go through such situations can be understood only by them.. the pain and confusion is too much…
But never let the devil called ego come between love..

If one is wrong and says sorry.. try and make it work.. cos you might actually regret not trying someday!

Take care....

moi said...

Hey give some time to prem, Misunderstanding happens between couples, so in anger, no need to end the relation which prem has nurtured it so long!!

Lena said...

seems i missed much... this one seemed so real, happens in life with every couple i guess.. dont make it a sad story, pleaseeeeeeeeee!!

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