Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Super Kid

It was nearly a month now that Simran had separated from her Prem. Has she come over it? It was impossible for the outside world to decipher as to whether the volcano was still active or whether her heart was calm like the deep blue sea. But her world was alive and kicking as she was planning for her best friend Kavya's Marriage on the coming tenth.

It was a chance to meet old friends specially the girl from the PR, Riya who was now a proud mother. When she gave her friend a ring to know her travel arrangements, her friend Riya answered in negative, "No! I have got plans for my son. I have to make him a Super Kid. There is this training program....."
Simran couldn't believe what she was hearing, "Well!. Super Kid! Is this Cartoon Network or Pogo's take on Indian Idol! And training.... Come on....Your kid is hardly Eight Months Old!!!"

Riya tried to explain the concept, "No.... The training is for me and not the kid.... This program teaches young mothers of how best to raise a kid and make him an all rounder at a very early age... They have got experts....."
Simran cut her short, "Wow! People are thinking new means of making money! And here, I am talking and writing about recession and job cuts!... But Riya.... You have got the services of two experts... Why do you want to pay for something you can get for free...."
Riya was not able to grasp, "I don't get you at all...."
Simran just tried to explain her stand, "I mean... your mother and mother in law. Your mother has given a software engineer and PR Manager to this country and your mother in law has given a doctor to this country.... and a loving husband to a silly girl...."

Riya smiled at the pun, "Well! Time has changed, Girl! My Husband when he was kid always found his father's stethscope... And I grew up listening to that old big radio piece. But my Kid would end up finding either the remote or mobile or ipod. I am staying at a place that is well 400 kilometers away from my parents or my in law's house.... Its not easy to raise a kid in this modern and technogically advanced world. My Kid may be named Samarth(Able), but to make him a Samarth in this Concrete Jungle, I need to do lot of hardwork...."

Simran was trying to put herself in Priya's shoes, "Yeah.... May be.... I can't say.....But do let me know how it turns out... It may serve as a training guide for girls like me in future"
(PS: There is actually such a training programme called Super Kid in Bangalore for young mothers)


Priya Joyce said...

ahaaa!! super kid hmm
I personally feel parents these days have become very strict and also have started pushing their children to do extra work...
well they think they r helping their kids and preparing them for life..but I hardly agree......

well its good to put in through a story..well the ps:) tells us what a level of competition has the world reached to!

Keshi said...

I agree with Joyce..pushing kids way over the limit is actually making them lose their minds.
Competition, peer pressure, greed in parents will always ruin the childhood of their children.

Well written Suresh!


Chronicwriter said...

i read the first line and i was like actress simran broke up?

then went ahead and read the plot and thats when i realised that its a totally different stream altogether...

the kid is awesome..

ApocalypsE said...

seriously what do you think they teach young moms there?...:)

Dawn said...

Gosh! this still happens? I am surprised and surprised to hear about the training schools (lol)
You have a nack to bring out these social elements very well dear
Keep it up

moi said...

I didn't know about this super kid thing, but enjoyed the post!!

Meira said...

sheesh! What is the world coming to?

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