Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Fool's Paradise

There was this old man who always wanted someone to talk with during a journey, irrespective of the place or the time. He didn't care whether the listener was a young kid or a deaf lady. But that day, he learn't his lesson and he think ed twice, before striking a conversation with a stranger.

That day the septuagenarian was sitting in the last seat of the bus along with Prem. As Prem looked out of the window, he saw a young kid practicing cricket in the hot sun, much against his mothers' wishes.
The old man decided that it was the right time to strike a conversation,"Its vacation time and time for the kids to fool their parents..."
But Prem turned around and what caught his eyes was the newspaper in the old man's hands and the headlines of a local politician filing his nomination papers, "And also its election time and time for politicians to fool the masses. Think how people can buy such promises like bringing Indian Swiss Bank money back into India. Well.... Some Shepherds.... these politicians...."

The senior citizen was not in favor of speaking about political issues in the public. So he tried to change the topic, when he caught a glimpse of Prem's ID, " When is your company going to declare the results. Usually its before April that many corporates come out with the results, rite?. The fate of many companies would be known in few days..."
Prem didn't allow the old man to complete the sentence,"Corporates. Another bunch who sell dreams to the young minds and then fool them. They take you into the organization saying about team work and family etc etc. But when the tough time comes, they just put the pink slip into your hands and have their hands clean. And well.. the big brains who take such tough decisions... take home a hefty bonus."

The old man was really confused. Has he disturbed Prem's mind. He decided to soothe Prem, when he heard a romantic song 'Aankhon ne Tumhare Meeti Batoon ne... Meri Neend Udhayi' (Your eyes and your sweet words have destroyed my sleep), "But.... whatever you say... there is no special season for love. It can be enjoyed in every season...and throughout the year...."
Now, this irritated Prem and he replied in a cold fashion, "Grandpa!... The lovers fool each other all around the year with sweet nothings. They not only fool the others but also fool them self. Someone truly said.... LOVE means Two Vowels, Two consonants and Two Fools. With mobiles and internet, the task is made very simple. Send good quotes every morning and every night and end it with love you or sweet dreams. Fooling young and naive hearts has been made DAMN EASY IN THIS INFORMATION AGE."

The old man had enough conversation and preferred to listen to the Radio Jockey for the rest of the journey rather than Prem.


Priya Joyce said...

Stupid old man....I wud rather say poor old man :P

well the issue discussed in the post is quite true. the last issue i mean.

Niway..prem was quite a "lecturebaaz"

Chronicwriter said...

i have thrown my mobile phone outside the window once... been there


Cinderella said...


I wanted to be there.. to see Grandpa's reaction and also Prem's. and I loved this new definition of LOVE. "Two Vowels, Two Consonants and Two Fools".. cool.. I am feeling so good. Really :D

Indian John Doe said...

Hahaha...loved it...finally the old man met his match :)
I guess you meant two consonants and not constants

moi said...

this old men have to butt their nose in every one affairs, but prem has taught him well,lol ;)

Dhandal said...

So true...a mogning msg then a good night with sweet nothings..this technological age will ruin it one day....

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