Sunday, April 19, 2009

All That She Wants!

Jaggu!!!... Looked like the name of a movie ruffian. But that was the name of Prem's partner for the on-site project ( and for this project they were in a small hamlet).... actually Jaggu was short for Jagadish.
It has been days since Prem had a good night's sleep. Now he was sleeping as if dead to the entire world. On the other hand, his room-mate Jaggu, suffered from bitter pangs of separation from his young wife with whom he had a fight before he left the house. After quite a struggle with his thoughts, even unbroken sleep reigned over him. But somewhere very far away from that place, Jaggu's young wife Jahanvi sweetly called Jaanu was not able to get even a wink of sleep. So she decided to have a online chat with her sweet hubby and find out whether she was still angry with him.

Prem who was enjoying a good night's sleep suddenly heard a ping sound. Prem woke up and saw Jaggu's laptop on and a message beeping on the screen, "Jaggu.... Are you there?" It was Jahnavi in the Chat room. Prem looked at Jaggu and saw him deep asleep and decided against waking him up. Somehow, he got the devilish thought of becoming Jaggu and chatting with the young wife.

He found himself typing the words smoothly, "Yeah.... Honey! Jaggu at your service....."
Jaanu's romantic words started flowing, "Darling.... I presume you are still angry with me..."
Prem was definitely unaware of the reason for the fight, but couldn't resist the temptation of becoming a poet and answering the question, "No way... Honey...Signals are too weak over here.. I tried to send the message to you with that dark cloud... But It released a branching lightning bolt that nearly hit me..... I tried my luck with the pigeons. They refused saying they have stopped providing such services to mobile users...."

Jaanu was smiling, "Then what about my request ? Are you thinking of giving it a re look?"
Prem was clueless of the request but still continued the game, "Darling, Can I say no to you... Even if I have said No, it may have come only from my mouth and not from my heart...."
Jaanu was delighted by the response, " Then you are saying YES!!!"
Prem definitely didn't knew where this was leading, " We will both work on it together....!"

Jaanu was becoming shy, "Yeah! We both need to put our efforts. You alone cannot achieve it..."
Prem thought that couple was planning something big like a House or a Car, "I always need your support. Remember the song...Jab koi baat bigad jaaye jab koi mushkil pad jaaye... Tum dena saath mera o humnawaaz..."
Jannu was excited, "I didn't knew you will change your mind so early...."
Prem knew this was not correct, but believed in what the Siddhartha Basu, the quizmaster used to say, 'I have started it.... so i will finish it....' and so continued answering, "I don't have a separate mind Now... It works in unison with yours... darling...."
Prem praised himself on his beautiful words...

But the next question left him speechless... rather wordless, "Would you like it a girl or a boy?"
Prem found himself stuttering like SRK, "Wh.... whattt.....?"
Jaanu cleared his doubts, "Our child?..... would you like a baby boy or a baby girl...."
So Prem never expected that what Jahanvi wanted from her husband was a child. This was a very sacred topic between a husband and a wife and Prem found himself in a very embarrassing situation...."You definitely cannot ask me this question....."
Jaanu didn't knew what was happening, "And may I know why not?"
Prem found himself hard to explain, "Because...... Its not in the hands of the humans.... Its all God's wish..."

Before she could put her next question, Prem just logged out of the chat room. But he couldn't sleep... Decided to play some song online and the song being played was apt for the situation, "All that she wants is another baby....." by Ace of Base.


Prathima Bhat said...

Now this is for the whole content of the blog...Simply superb :) Keep writing :)

Keshi said...

Nice number by Ace of base! :)

**Prem found himself stuttering like SRK

HAHA SRK always does that ha!

Another good chapter...loved every bit of it Suresh!


Priya Joyce said...

haha lol poor prem..that is why it is said kisi ke mamle mein taang nahi adaani other words..never interfere in others' affairs :P gosh..he paid wth another sleepless night lol

loved this too

Cinderella said...

very bad, Prem.. yeh toh too much ho gaya...

Prem is getting nasty.. take care of him Mr. Blogger! ;)

Arjun said...

I really couldn't stop laughing. You have an amazing sense of humour, I must say. Good going!

Suresh Kumar said...

@ Prathima Bhat
Keep coming back for more...

@ Keshi...
TY... I liked that 90's era in the english music.

@ Priya Joyce
Yeah... Prem learnt his lessons... But he will still continue to make mistakes..... new mistakes :)

@ Cindrella...
Have to teach him some good manners...

@ Arjun...
Ty... Your new article on election was fine... why don't you write more regularly?

Indian John Doe said...

Very naughty of Prem...he seems to be a very mischeivous character...

Suresh Kumar said...

@ Indian John Doe
Not a mischievous character. But if there is an opportunity to be mischievous, he will be mischievous.

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