Monday, April 13, 2009

The Sweet Girl's Horror Story

"Television Set, Video tape, Camera, Car.... everything and anything can be possessed by Ghosts...." said the sweet innocent voice. It was Dhanya and it was vacation time for her. She had found the best way to spend the vacation - read horror novels and watch gory movies. And now she carried the idea of writing one. Prem advised her to think creatively and out of the box.
Just then, Prem's mother announced the arrival of the young insurance agent Varun. Prem remembered some unfinished business of signing policy papers and told mother to send him upstairs.

"Eureka!", cried Dhanya, "I have got the concept - Insurance Policy!". Prem wanted to hear more about it. As she was beginning her story, Varun made his entry, "There was this young orphan Varun who studied in the esteemed business school. For his daily bread and butter, he sold insurance policies. He also had a love interest, a sweet innocent girl called....", Dhanya paused for a moment and looked at Varun. Varun with a shy smile, "Varsha....." Dhanya liked the name, "Varsha! Sweet name... Varun and Varsha goes well together...", Saying so she continued with her story, "Everything was sailing smoothly for Varun until one day......."

Varun took his eyes away from the papers that Prem was signing and looked at Dhanya, "What!"
Prem looked at the shocked Varun, "Did you think you were in a romantic novel. That girl looks very sweet.... but she is writing a horror novel...."
Now, Dhanya's eyes got bigger, "Unforeseen events start happening.... People start falling dead... People who had taken policies from Varun... even before they have paid their first premium..."
Varun was getting irritated and objected, "I hope this has not gone for the Print? I don't want my policyholders and prospective customers to read this"
Dhanya was not listening, "Each die a gory death. Gorier than those in The Final Destination." Varun requested Prem to sign the Papers quickly so that he can move out.

Dhanya was not to be stopped, "Varun decides to investigate. He finds that the cause behind all the gory deaths is Varsha..."
Varun gave a little smile, "Comon, she can't even slap me properly, How can she be responsible for so many deaths? Your story flops here!"
Dhanya had picked up the traits of a good storywriter, "Listen completely. I said Varsha was the cause... and not she was the killer. During her graduation, Varsha had a handsome boyfriend...." Varun raised his fists as if to hit Dhanya, "This is too much... I am Varsha's first and last love...." Dhanya just looked at him and calmed him down, "Dheeraj....Its only fiction!" and then continued, "Dheeraj was his name. He was the heir to a big business house which went down in a fire. Then his uncle along with a insurance agent killed Dheeraj and made merry with the insurance money. So the ghost of Dheeraj wanted to see that Varsha didn't end up with a Insurance Agent and so had requested 'The Death' to end the life of all of Varun's policy holders....."

Varun had enough of this and taking the papers from Prem prepared to leave. Dhanya's next words made him stop and listen to the story, "But there is the surprise. One of the policy holders is Varsha also. Now Dheeraj realizes his folly and how selfish he had been. While he prepares to request THE DEATH to leave Varsha and others, Varun must see that death doesnot come near to her... And he does.. And they lived happily.... until the sequel arrives"

Varun now a bit soothed down, "Listen! The story is in a very bad taste. It doesn't suit you..."
Just then they heard a deafening sound from a neighbor's house. Varun looked outside the window, "It's coming from Uncle Keshavan's house!. He is one of my policyholder!!!....."


Guys and Gals.....My Blog is a year old today.... I loved my stay here.... Love you one and all.... Keep your comments flowing... And I will try to keep on writing and improving....


Priya Joyce said...

first of all..congozzzz for the blog b'day...

I'm left with nothing except the words poor..*varun*... for one of ur characters hahah

u make it funny + subtle

moi said...

whats with this horror story?? but no matter what, you narrate it so well, that i just love it.
And Congratulation blog is 1 year old now!! party party, hoping prem and simran can meet up or just a glimpse of each other in this happy occassion!!

Charmed One! said...

Hey congrats on completing a year :) .. Happy one year anniversary..

Very entertaining story.. Even Prem is one of Varun's insurence policy holder right ;) ...Naay Just asking him to be careful after Dhanya's story :P ...

Keshi said...

Happy 1st blo gbday Suresh! All the best for the future and keep on writing ur fantastic chapters! :)

**He is one of my policyholder

LOL u r too funny and I love this chapter too.

ur an excellent writer who always ends each post with a bang...with something that hits u hard and makes u think abt life. Good on ya!


ApocalypsE said...

Congrats for the blog's b'day.

Last line made me laugh like anything... :) "He's my policy holder"...

Final destination 3 is the goriest of them all...

Cinderella said...

Happy b'day to the blog!!

And the story was damn scary.. and am still trembling with fear. thankfully, i have no policies with me.. and I don't think I'll ever be able to buy one, now ;)

Suresh Kumar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Suresh Kumar said...

@ Priya
thx a lot.... see this time its not prem who suffers...

@ Moi
Actually I had written the small synopsis of the insurance agent horror tale during my B.COM days. Now I just revisited it via Prem and Dhanya

@ Charmed One
Oopss... Prem definitely didn't realize that point...

@ Keshi
I always love to write like you do... But I can't do...You make a beautiful impact with the words you choose....

@ Apocalypse
I haven't seen the third part. I liked the concept of the first part.

@ Cindrella
Thanx a lot.... You don't have any policy till date!.... So you have not yet met these insurance agent characters.... Lucky You!

Indian John Doe said...

Loved the flow of the the FD series man...the deaths are just amazing...
so what's the idea...combine all the posts on your blog into a book?

Suresh Kumar said...

@ Indian John Doe..
Never thought of that one.... I now toy with the idea of a book something like Harry Potter. But my language may not be bad, but it is not good enough..

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