Sunday, April 26, 2009

Prem in the SWAT Valley

Prem and Dhanya were at this discourse by a Famous Swami. The discourse topic was 'How to gain control over your senses'. The Swamiji started the discourse with a small meditation exercise. He gave a small mantra, "Repeat this mantra... As you meditate on this mantra, let go of yourself and feel free.... Don't allow negative thoughts to attack your mind.... "
Dhanya was not able to pronounce that mantra properly and so she just closed her eyes and opened her ears to what Prem was chanting. Prem tried to focus his mind on his mind... (now whatever that means). But his mind roamed around and went to different places. Before he could do anything, he had landed in the new land of Talibans... The Swat Valley.... And yes, he had brought even Dhanya with him to this strange place.

When they landed there, they saw a young girl standing in front of a ruin. Dhanya looks at the building ruins, "Looks like a building of Some Centuries Back.... Probably of the buddhism era...." The girl stood up, "Hell! It is! This is our School.... The girls school.... The Taliban had just blasted it as they do in the mines...." The young girl had lost her school and all the fun. As Dhanya put her hands over the girls' shoulder, she heard a commotion. Seems a mob was gathering at some central place.

Prem and Dhanya decided to join the crowd. The young girl warned Dhanya, "If you go in that Jeans and Tops, you would be in lots of trouble." In a few minutes, Dhanya was given a new avataar by the girl. She was covered from top to bottom in a burkha. She looked angrily at Prem, "Prem.... I feel like murdering you!... I spent some good thirty minutes before the mirror preparing myself to meet some handsome and innocent god fearing hunk at the discourse avenue and you bring me here between these savages, these beasts.... and what the hell are we going to see anyway!..."
The girl answered, "Wait and Watch... You better call Prem as Bhaijaan... Here, a girl is required to be escorted either by her husband or brother.... No boyfriends"
Dhanya cleared the girl's doubts, "He is not my boyfriend... I will call him only Bhai... My Jaan is somewhere else...."

When Dhanya reached the avenue, there were many spectators. She hoped that this could be some music concert or a sports event. But to her horror, she found a young girl being dragged to the stage and then in public was accused of adultery and a sentence of 100 lashes was metted out to her. There was no fair trail nor an opportunity for the accused to speak. As Everyone watched, a giant of a man started lashing her without any sign of humanity and no one in the crowd dared to voice against the injustice. Everyone was a mute spectator and only listened to the her gasps, her moans and her painful cries for help. Dhanya couldn't tolerate a bit, "Prem take me out of here... double quick... Remember.... I didn't sit for the entire movie of The Passion of Christ.... I couldn' see the lashing of Lord Christ... How can I sit through this one... "

Before it was too late, Prem was already back in the avenue. And he looked at Dhanya. Dhanya was sweating profusely. Thats when swamiji was telling them, " If you meditate properly, you will experience Yoga Nidra. That is a state of incredible calmness, quiteness and clarity." Dhanya slowly hissed at Prem, "What the hell is talking about? I was getting nightmares that too in broad daylight....while I was meditating!"
Prem was very cool in answering her, "Well! Why don't you try again? This time around you may experience the calmness...."
But Dhanya had already stood up and just walked out. She had enough of meditation for a day.


Prathima Bhat said...

Ya... Yoga and meditation are not some easy tasks :)
I have personally tried meditation, and the first thing they ask us to do is "think nothing".. and thats when many thoughts starts swirling across my mind :)

DPhatsez said...

Interesting Daydream!
As for my meditation skills i have only mastered Drunk-aasana! :)

Keshi said...

I've tried meditation and the first thought that came to my mind was John Abraham!


Indian John Doe said...

Wow...wonderful how you've described the atrocities of Taliban in a small story...

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