Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lost and Found

At the deserted bus stand, waiting for Prem, Dhanya looked around and found a mobile lying at the corner. No one was there to claim its ownership. She dialed the number stored as Home and a voice of a fifty-something lady confirmed that the mobile belonged to her accountant son Suman. But he was not at home and was expected only after half an hour. Dhanya decides to idle away the time reading some of the messages from the mobile.
After some time, Prem's Indica stopped before her, "Girl! Are we moving directly to home...."
Dhanya corrected him immediately, "No! We are going to No 12, Port Colony. I presume its on the way...."
Prem demanded an explanation, "Is it a matter of national security?"
Dhanya looked enthusiatic, "Worse than that! Its a matter of two hearts! You will not belive it! I found a mobile belonging to a young man Suman at the Bus Stand and it has nearly 500 messages in the inbox and the sent folder and all to and from a single girl.... It seems that God has given me a duty to see that their romantic conversations continues without any hassles...."

Prem obliged but had his own reservations, "If he gets the mobile tomorrow, you could have given his hands some rest and even some productive man hours from him to his family and the nation...."
But Dhanya was not listening.... she was busy reading the message, "Listen to this christmas message sent by this dude, Prem! ......If one night ♥A fat man comes ♥And stuffs you in a bag ♥... don't freak! ♥ I told Santa ♥ I wanted YOU for Christmas. :) ... Wasn't that chooo..... chweet"
Prem was listening to her and at the same time had one eye on the heavy evening traffic, "What! He is toying with the idea of stuffing his girl in a gunny bag and then having it parceled to his address and you say it is sweet....It looks like a horror movie script to me."

Dhanya wanted to forward some of the messages, "Prem! Listen to this message. 'When I first saw you I was afraid to meet you, when I first met you I was afraid to kiss you, when I first kissed you I was afraid to love you, but now that I love you I'm afraid to lose you.'"
Prem thought that is was another of silly love messages, "Now! Now! What Kind of Phobia is this? Is there any name for it?"
Dhanya was a bit irritated and that was natural of her, "No! Its not a phobia. It means he is involved or rather he's committed! Involved or committed....Both are same na..."
Looking at the muddy road ahead, Prem commented," No Girl. There is difference. Remember reading it somewhere. The difference can be best explained using a bacon and egg breakfast as an example: The chicken is involved but the pig is committed."

So this went on for the rest of the journey.... Dhanya read the messages loud and Prem kept teasing them. After some time, they reached the destination and meet Suman at the entrance itself. What Dhanya expected was a cheerful young man, but what she found was a diluted younger version of Devdas. There was not a sign of happiness on the face of Suman on getting his mobile back. He didn't even utter a simple thanx. Prem couldn't control himself asking, "Aren't you happy on getting your lost mobile back?."
Suman's reply took both of them by surprise, "Lost! I didn't lose this mobile nor it was stolen from me. I am just returning after discarding it.... But like a Cat, it has found its way back into my life...."
Prem wanted an answer, "Why in the hell would you discard your own mobile just like that?"

Suman answered rather with pain, "Because I associate Pain with it... It brings back haunting memories of the good times, I had with my girlfriend. The beautiful romantic conversations we had. It has been more than three months that I have estranged from her. But whenever the mobile beeps, I always jump hoping its her. I can't even order my fingers to delete all her messages in the Inbox. So I decided its time to discard the mobile and move along... But seems It wants to torment me continuously and forever"
Prem tried to comfort him, "Nothing can cause you Pain without you permitting it to.... It is always self inflicted....."
Suman didn't want a discourse from some stranger, "I don't know what you know about Pain... But I am experiencing Pain. And that Pain which is caused when someone you know becomes someone you knew...". Without wasting a time, Suman moved inside his house with the mobile.
Prem turned around to see Dhanya. She had already taken her seat in the car and for the rest of the return journey, she remained silent with a disappointed look on her face.


Priya Joyce said...

ehehehe poor suman..he discarded the cell fone and he got it bakk..never mind..but what made me laugh was dhanya's disappointment :P

well btw i loved those sms'

Keshi said...

**I always jump hoping its her. I can't even order my fingers to delete all her messages in the Inbox

isnt that always the case! I find that amazing...cos there r so many times that I wanted to delete someone off my phone list etc but cudnt bring my fingers to do it...something keeps me from doing it.

Great read again!


Smi said...

Truly ..Yede inda banda maatugalu.

But usually its just the opposite at least with me..I don't trash anything which belongs to my past.Treasure and remind people that I have something of theirs which now I own..and that's painful for them

Prathima Bhat said...

Very true... Its really painful to keep those msgs in the cell which connects to our loved ones who are no more with us..

Dawn....सेहर said...

Amazing read! I will say it's that innocent mind of ours which doesn't allow us to erase or delete ...:) isn't it?
You touch some delicate cords of life here ...keep writing

Kanupriya said...

hey thanks for dropping by my blog...sad to know abt this suman, poor guy, his painful memory keeps coming back to him.

Suresh Kumar said...

@ Priya
thx re....and ur sms on friendship was also very cute....

@ Keshi
I know many who have the same problem... Fizaa has given a simple but seems the right answer for it

@ Smi
You are a very strong person. Definitely not possible for me...

@ Prathima...
Yep... Very painful... so its always better to delete...

@ Dawn
It liked the answer.... Innocent minds.... so true.

@ Kanupriya
ty... and keep coming back.

Indian John Doe said...

It's a good idea to discard things which bring painful memories but most of us do not...

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