Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Respect the Signal!

Someone said to Prem, "If you talk to God, it is religious. But if God talks to you then you are psychotic. " So Prem started avoiding God lest people term him psychotic. But God is omnipresent and even he is present in the small inanimate objects. Prem learnt this lesson that day at the traffic signal. Maybe it was not God, but the incident made Prem come to the conclusion life did exist in certain inanimate objects.
That day, Dhanya was giving him a treat. And the treat was the latest horror flick 13B at the Adlabs. But the smooth journey in the hired taxi came to a sudden halt as the traffic signal at one of the junctions turned Red. The annoyed driver suddenly applied the brake and started cursing the traffic signal, "Shit! This Silly Traffic Signal... Always turns Red when I near it." He excused himself to get a pack of Cigarettes, "Don't worry. The signal will change only after two minutes..."

As he went out of sight, a rough but a sober voice filled the air, "No.... I will not change...." Prem looked around and couldn't find a body to associate with the voice. He looked at Dhanya. Nothing surprised Dhanya when she was with Prem, "Yeah... I too hear the mystic Voice.... No Surprise... We are partners now in these strange adventures..." Prem really didn't want to further the conversation, " Whosever this voice is... If You don't change.... what's it to me?" The voice answered very angrily, "If I don't change, You People can't move. Even If you do, it would result in a disaster... I am the voice of the traffic signal...."
Dhanya looked at Prem, "Comon! Now This is the limit! Even traffic signals start talking to you? You will drive me crazy!" Prem tried to maintain his cool and asked the voice, "What's the problem? Why are you in such a mood?" The traffic signal started opening its soul to Prem, " I am very sad at how people react to me. I control the traffic so as to help the people and to avoid chaos. But they curse me even worse than the bad men of the movies do, whenever I change to Red.....Why?"

Prem tried to comfort, "No Baba... Not all complain. Look at that small angel sitting on her mothers lap at the back of that Bajaj Scooter. She is enjoying the standstill brought about by You and asking her father some inquisitive questions. You are making her brain work...."
The girl was asking her father some great questions, "Why is the steering wheel of the bus on the right side ? Why do you wear a helmet and not me?........."
Dhanya looked at the kid and referring to Prem's statement, "Yeah... And the Father must be begging with God for the traffic signal to change so that he can save his brain for some office work also..."

Prem looked at her angrily and then at the signal, " Look at the elderly gentleman in his Maruthi. You have given him an opportunity to meditate on the Almighty." Truly... the elderly gentleman had taken out the rudraksh mela and started chanting.
Dhanya had to comment, she couldn't control herself, "Suppose God gets pleased with him and makes a appearance...and suddenly the signal turns Green...what happens?...God gets run over by the vehicles...Ha Ha Ha"

Prem was very angry at Dhanya and with a intent to irritate it, Prem gave another example to the signal, " Look at the young lass in the TV Scooty.... Her Face tells it all.... She is taking this opportunity given by you to send sweet nothings to her beau over the mobile...."
Dhanya looked at the lass and then at Prem, "Hey! Since when did you start reading faces ? And whenever a girl messages, should it always be to her boyfriend? I don't like this kind of generalisation coming from you..."

Prem smiled at her as if to say sorry for hurting her girly sentiments and then turning to the traffic signal, " Well.... Mr Signal... Traffic Signal....Point is.... It is left to individual of how he uses the time available to him.... even if it is two minutes at the signal...If he doesn't make productive use, they are only responsible.... You don't bother about these silly people who always are in find of people or reasons to empty the garbage of their mind......"
Mr Traffic Signal was somehow comforted by these words, "Yeah.... I now remember reading... 'A minute spent in anger is sixty seconds of happiness lost'..." Prem was suprised, "You too read?" The voice replied, "Not like you humans... I don't read newspapers or novels.... I read this line on her rear end..."
Prem and Dhanya were shocked together and cried out, "HER REAR END!"
Mr Trafffic Signal corrected them, "When I said HER, I meant that courier vehicle that passes via this route every day.... You dirty minds!!...Just Get out of here....", Saying so, he changed the signal to Green.


ApocalypsE said...

I read that on her rear end...:)


Keshi said...

cute @Mr.Traffic Signal :) Very good imagination there Suresh.

**If you talk to God, it is religious. But if God talks to you then you are psychotic.

So true!

some great humor, imagination and alot of smarts in this post, blended well to give the reader a total brain-shake. I loved it Suresh! ur a very smart guy.


Priya Joyce said...

hahaha lol poor prem...and this tym Dhanya too hehehe :P

The last part was very funny..

well the concept of the traffic signal talking was cool! and prem consoling it with some noble words was nice

Lena said...

liked the end... its a cute one :)

just wondering how you come up with all the ideas so frequently :)

Suresh Kumar said...

@ Apocalypse...

@ Keshi
You are a smart girl too! and nowadays a bit philosophical too... but that's good....

@ Priya

@ Lena
When I feel to write, ideas do come... :)

Indian John Doe said...

wonderful imagination...where do you get these inspirations from?

Suresh Kumar said...

This was got when I got stuck at a traffic signal...

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