Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Morning Prayers - 2

Yet Again!.... Prem was forced to pay a visit to the holy shrine during the wee hours of the morning. As he prostrated before the God, he heard the divine voice announce, "Congratulations!!! You are the millionth visitor to the temple. As a tradition, I have to bestow a surprise gift upon you.You have earned for yourself 'A free wish'."
Prem looked at the God's Statue with disbelief, "Oh God! You too have succumbed to using cheap gimmicks for luring people..."
God gave one of his trademark divine smile, "No! No! No!. I thought people would better understand if I speak to them in their own commercial language."

Prem was preparing to wish for some of the beautiful things in the world, when God read his thoughts, "Prem Beta! Not so fast.", God cleared his throat,"There are some conditions and rules. To be precise, three rules. First, you can't ask the wish for your own benefits directly or indirectly. Secondly, the beneficiary of the wish should be a lady....."
Prem broke God's flow of thoughts as he couldn't control himself finding fault with his God, "Why are you so biased against Men and so much in favor of the fairer sex?"
God made himself clear, "Its not that I am biased. Its because ladies are more near to me as they have the gift of creation...."

Prem knew that he can't win the argument with the God and so decided to stick to his free wish, "Okay!! I have listened to such arguments before! Here is my wish. I wish that My Mother live a long life with good health and free from anxiety and worries. Yeah! Thats it. A simple and a easy wish"
God went into a meditating mood and returned with a answer, "Hmmm! A mother always thinks twice... once for herself and once for her children. As you are the one who is with your mother for most of the time, this wish would definitely benefit you directly and have a profound positive impact on you and your future. So Technically speaking, I am not in a position to grant this wish"
Prem couldn't believe what he was hearing and he shouted at the God, "This is preposterous!!!!."
God smiled, "NOTHING DOING. A rule is a rule. Think of someone else..."

Prem decided to finish off this wishing business at the earliest, "Ok.... I wish that my Sister becomes a ideal mother and will be able to give the best of education and life to her kids and make them the moral citizens...."
God shook his head violently, "Prem! You have not understood my rules. See if we use some statistical techniques and see into the future, there are some probabilities that your sister's kids may turn advantageous to you....if not directly."
Prem was disappointed a lot, "And may I know how you arrive at that conclusion...."
God tried to explain it like a teacher, "There is every chance that your sister's kid may become your son-in-law in the future or your nephew may end up in charge of your business or profession."
Prem couldn't digest this, "You are the most calculating person....err.... soul....I have ever met!"

Prem made one more attempt at the wish and this time he used Simran's name, rather without his own knowledge, "I wish that Simran gets a good lifepartner and all the happiness in her life.."
Now God looked a bit confused, "You could have asked for something for your neighbor Dhanya or for your younger sister Poorni, I would not have said NO. But Simran! I know she is your ex-girlfriend.... that's how you humans address rite! EX-GIRLFRIEND! I feel that it's a very bad way! .... But! What do you get by wishing for her ?"
Prem smiled back, "Is this a trick question? If I answer, I will not get my wish!!!...."
God had a stern face, "I am not joking, Prem. See... granting a wish blindly creates more problems and my counterparts have learnt their lessons from scoundrels like Ravan, Bhasmasur etc. Think about it! If Simran still feels that for her, happiness means you and you alone, granting your wish may mean, you ending up with her for the entire lifetime! On the other hand, you have firmly decided as to never return to her. To put it in simple terms, there would be conflict of interests. Prem! Listen to me! I know U are finding it difficult. But You have to learn to let go!"

Prem for the first time that day found some wisdom in the words of the almighty, "Okay... Now... whom can i wish for....."
God interrupted, "No one! You never allowed me to mention the third rule initially... You were busy judging me....You had only three chances and you have wasted all the three chances.... Bye... and better luck next time...."
And thus saying so, God vanished into thin air, not even giving a chance for Prem to complain.


Cinderella said...

"You talk to God, you're religious. God talks to you, you're psychotic."

Check it, before you become one :P

Btw, in case if you get another such chance.. ask something for me.. it won't help you in anyway and so God won't have any problem too.

Chronicwriter said...

God sure talks...


guess i need to catch up with this series somewhat from the beginning to get a proper grip of things

Priya Joyce said...

I feel sad for this prem now. poor fellow u always put him in such situations :P

hahaha he cudn't get a wish fulfilled too

Charmed One! said...

Nice post :) ... caught up with your other older posts.. so Simran and Prem did part ways..
Hmmm i was hoping they would get back.. but now i pray God gives them both all the strength to move on in life...

ApocalypsE said...

God's wish with the tag conditions apply that was hilarious... :)

Suresh Kumar said...

@ Cindrella
Hmm.... Lucky me! I am not Pyschotic... Though I would someday like to have a F2F Conversation with the Almighty.

If Prem gets another chance, He will definitely remember to wish for you. And ur new blog post Aah... Pheelasphee was very good.

@ Chronicwriter
Yeah... It has been a long journey for Prem from being single to becoming committed and now separated. But still each post is a separate story.

@ Priya Joyce
What to do? Prem is like a magnet who himself attracts such situations.

@ Charmed One
As time passes by, Pain reduces but the emptiness remains.

@ Apocalypse
Thanks re...

moi said...

now this is not fair, all the wishes were rejected. but this divine intervention seems very nice concept. I hope there is going to part 3 for this.

Suresh Kumar said...

@ Moi
Hmm...Not a third part.... But I am trying a variant of this one in my next blog post. Hope you like it.

Indian John Doe said...

wonderful story've been churning out posts like a superhuman :)
Give us busy souls to read them ;)

Suresh Kumar said...

@ Indian John Doe..
Thanx for the compliment... When the idea comes rushing in, I don't care whether it is a good or bad one, I just post it.

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