Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Unborn

Really! Girls should never do what they are never meant to do! Now Look at Dhanya! Her experimentations had landed her to hospital! She for the first time in her seventeen years entered this place called kitchen. Moments later she is running to hospital with a bleeding finger and a worried Prem on her side.

At hospital, they were sitting in the common waiting room for the specialist to call Dhanya's name. It was then that Prem heard a angelic voice calling for help. It was yelling, "She is trying to murder me tonite! Somebody do something!" Prem looked around, but was not able to trace the origin of the voice. Dhanya helped him as she knew that always the source in such cases was something that suprises them beyond their imagination. This time, the voice came from the womb of a young girl who was resting on the same bench with her eyes closed. It took some time for them to realize that a unborn foetus inside the womb of the girl was trying to have some conversation with them. The girl was tall and slender and looked hardly nineteen and there was no sign of any seniors near her.

The foetus was looking for someone to help it out, "Help Me... Please help me... This young girl is planning to murder me.... She is gonna abort me tonight..."
Prem started conversing with rather a religious touch, "Well... I heard that God above gives every child an option to select the parents before it is sent to this world... So why in the hell did you select this girl as your mother? You should have thought of this then itself na....You should have done some background check on her and her BF responsible for this... What is the use in crying now?...."
The foetus tried to explain its stand, "How can I predict that things can happen like this? When I was showed the pair for the first time, the boy was expressing his unconditional love for her, limitless things he can do for her and so on and so on. I got fooled by it along with this silly girl. When the girl announced with a smile that she was pregnant, all his love vanished into the thin air and he got cold feet and he cooly convinced her, 'We are not prepared for this one,' What does that mean? I tell you... Boys!!!.... I have never seen any beasts like them!"
Even in her pain, Dhanya found something to be happy about, "Hey! The foetus is a girl!"

Prem felt sad for this foetus, "Don't worry? There is a lot of kindness in the heavens above with the almighty God. He will definitely find you an alternate home...."
The foetus explained as to her troubles with the God, "You don't understand the situation.. I have not received a proper reception on this world nor there would be a proper send off.. That means my soul would get stuck in-between. God, like your tall KBC host had made it clear when I selected my parents, 'Are You Sure? Do you want me to lock you in this womb?' and I never for a second doubted my selection. With what face can I go back to him?"
Dhanya interrupted with her doubt for which she got no response, "Hey! What face? A foetus develops face only during the fifth month. You definitely can't be that old. "

Prem knew that bringing the baby to the world would mean lots of trouble for the girl also, "Think about it! If she brings you into this world, You may have to live with lots of resentment. She may not be able to give you good health, happy childhood, proper education etc. I infer from what you said about her, that she could have had the cindrella syndrome. She thought that she had met her Prince charming. But that dream is shattered. And now, she doesn't have the mental make up to go out there into this cruel world and fend for herself and you."
The foetus grew angry, "You seem to be deciding everything like a God! Isn't there single mothers in this world who bring up their kids inspite of all the difficulties. I have heard many famous people who have made their names without knowing their fathers name. "
Dhanya was really impressed, "This foetus seems to have lots of wisdom. But unfortunately it doesn't know that once it lands on the planet Earth, It will lose its wisdom gradually as it grows up"

There was silence for some time and the foetus continued, "I heard people saying that, 'There may be wicked sons, but there are no wicked mothers'. But I say the reverse is true. There are wicked mothers who kill their kids even before it is born."
At the very moment a name was called and the pregnant girl stood up and made her move. The foetus was being carried to be executed. And Prem and Dhanya looked at it helplessly.

On their way back from the hospital, Prem questioned Dhanya, "I know you are not a young girl any more. At the same time you are not yet a woman. But I feel you are right to answer this question... Is it morally right for a unmarried girl to abort her unborn foetus?"


Keshi said...

If I were that foetus, I'd be happy to be killed b4 Im born. This life is a mockery anyways

**Is it morally right for a unmarried girl to abort her unborn foetus?

why 'unamrried' only? I think its not right to take someone else's life, foetus or not, and whether the mother is unmarried or not.


Priya Joyce said...

hmmmmmm that's a question which hasn't got a standardized answer sadly.... it can be what keshi said
or like taking a life is wrong.nyhow....

am in a fix....

this post i liked.....the way u tried to put up the quest.

DPhatsez said...

dude! more importantly, is taking a life the right choice or not.
Truth be told, in our society both the kid and mother would be under intense scrutiny and ostracized. The guy walks scot free.
On the other hand you have characters like Sarah Palin's daughter becoming a teen mum and being accepted.
Two sides of a coin with unfortunately no right answer.

Define morality. And we are stuck at that itself.

Awesome creativity! \m/

V. Archana said...

whooaaa.. what imagination.

as far as the q. goes, i would say,it isnt right for any woman to the growing baby in her womb no matter shes married or not. It all lies in how she takes up the remaining days of her life in bringing up her child,moulding him/her into a nearly perfect human being,which of course is a sign of pride for the mother.

V. Archana said...

nice read suresh :) keep going.. its getting more and more intresting.

Cinderella said...

well I do not want to sound cruel... but don't you think feelings create all the difference in our lives, and not a beating heart. A foetus is a living being, it is the first element of what later develops into you, me and all of us.

But imagine, when this foetus comes into this world and becomes a true person.. wouldnt it raise questions against everyone, who's responsible for it not getting everything that its counterparts are getting.

I know, we all feel very emotional about killing un-borns.. but that is just an end of life, just like plucking a flower out of a may be bad, but the decision should be left completely on the lady carrying it.. killing happens, when we give that life a chance to blossom and then fail to protect it... and many times, mothers do not kill kids, society does.

gayathri-vishwanathan said...

Wow...this was too good. The question: Is it morally right for a unmarried girl to abort her unborn foetus?
is one question for which nobody has an answer. Reminds me of preity zinta's film kya kehna. In that she is an unwed woman who gives birth to a kid...the society condemns her for her decision but finally she wins. Mistake or no child should be aborted. I know it's easy to say...but still.

Suresh Kumar said...

@ Keshi
Hmm.... Your first statement shocked me.... **life is a mockery**.... what happened? I thought you enjoyed life a lot...

@ PJ
I know its hard to form a opinion. Pro-Life(i.e anti abortion) or Pro-choice(for abortion) ?

@ DPhatsez...
Yup...In a country like India and specially in non-metro cities, girls may find the decision to abort many times inevitable.

@ V. Archana...
**It all lies in how she takes up the remaining days of her life**
and that is the toughest and the torturous part and that is where many fail.

@ Cindrella
Cant completely agree... but in some situations, we can argue that it is the personal choice of the girl and can a embryo (which is only a potential and not a actual human being) have rights overriding its mother's

@ Gayathri Viswanathan
Very rarely movies have touched this subject. Some years back, a canadian movie Juno had touched the subject of teenage pregnancy... But reality is much harder and more lengthier than the movie....

Prathima Bhat said...

I visit the orphanages once in every month... Frankly telling, most of the kids there are females..

What i personally feel is that, y do parents need a child when they have already decided that baby will be killed if the baby is a girl child..

Speaking abt the teenagers, they just go on experimenting with life and simply abort the child or give away the baby without any gender bias coz they feel its yet another part of experiment.. I have hardly seen the teenage parents repenting!!

Sounds shocking, but i feel that, its better for the teenagers to abort the baby rather than risking the life of the baby and the mother..
In most cases, either of the one survive or both the baby and the mother dies:(
In few cases the teenage mother gets paralytic stroke or other serious health ailments as her body organs are not capable of conceiving a baby..

Keshi said...

** I thought you enjoyed life a lot...

enjoying life is different to what we think abt life :)


V. Archana said...

ofcourse it is the toughest,not when the emotions stop clutching her anymore. don't ya think so. our emotional attachment to everything makes us more weak.

Suresh Kumar said...

**coz they feel its yet another part of experiment.. I have hardly seen the teenage parents repenting!!**
I agree there are some, but not all teenagers wud fall in this category(i.e experimenting) na...

**its better for the teenagers to abort the baby rather than risking the life of the baby and the mother..**
I can't argue with you on this as you seem to have much better knowledge than me on this subject.
But somewhere I feel that a right is denied or an unjustice is being done. May be it's bcoz of religious and philosophical thoughts that has rooted in my brain.

Smi said...

looks like a cool debate going on ..

I am defensive to the girl though..

She has already proved how irresponsible she is with this unwanted pregnancy..she need not curse herself in further years to come while bringing up this unwanted baby....

the next time she wants one she is all prepared by then ...Right !

Indian John Doe said...

I am not sure that God gives you the right to choose your parents...think you got that wrong Suresh :)

LOLzz at Dhanya's comment about the face...

About abortion I think the day our society is ready to accept single mothers that would be the day when abortion should be banned...

Suresh Kumar said...

@ Smi
Rightly Said. But is it not a mistake that will haunt for the rest of her life.?

@ Indian John Doe.
Its' a belief deep rooted in our Hinduism specially in my part of the country....

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