Saturday, March 14, 2009

Is it easy for boys?

Dhanya was not able to make up as to what her neighbor Prem was upto. Was he trying to write off his girlfriend Simran's memories or is he just having those small ego clashes.

That evening both of them sat in the local kids park. Looking at the way the kids enjoyed, Prem told to Dhanya, "Best formula for happiness is Good Health and Bad Memory" Dhanya was not listening, 'Prem, I was thinking whether it was so easy for boys to forget the one they love....the one they have a relationship for the last one year" Prem looked at her, knowing that the last line was aimed at him

Dhanya, "No... No.... Its not about you... This thought came when I saw that tv news report about the famous sanyasi who had left his young pregnant wife and went to have a a successful ascetic career. You know what he told of leaving his beloved wife, 'In this world, only two kinds of love are real, rest of all are selfish ones. One the love of a dog for its master - it treats him like a god. Another , the love of a mother for her child - she treats the child as a part of her body. Well what do you think?"
Prem said, "He is not like that dog, nor even like a mother. He had left his pregnant wife, he is nothing but son of a bitch"

Dhanya didn't stop there, "Even after many years, some have the memories of their loved ones embedded deep inside in their heart. I asked a similar question to Uncle Ali and guess how he answered?"
Dhanya after a pause continued, "The tough guy Ali had answered in a truly romantic tone 'Every man wishes that when his kid asks him who his first love was, he doesn't have to pull out the old photo album, Rather be able to point across the room and say 'she sitting right over there' ..............But that happens only with lucky some.... and not eveyone.'"
Dhanya then questions Prem, "Do you know why he has named his daughter Tara?"
Prem took a guess, "Well! Was his first love's name?"

Dhanya just nodded and continued, "But its the young who find it difficult to deal with this forgetting part. There was this cousin of mine who dated a catholic girl for some three years and to save his father's honor forgot her and married a simple village girl. But in every action of his wife, he looks for traces of his girlfriend and doesn't find it and gets frustrated."
Prem "That's sad. He can't go back to his old girlfriend nor can he love his wife. He is stuck in between"

Prem stood up, "Now!!!. Stop analyzing the other sex and tell how would a girl who is in real love would do... Is it easy for her to forget?."
Dhanya told sternly and to his face, so as to give a message that she didn't like what Prem was doing with Simran , "She will never forget nor forgive. Love may be only a chapter in a guy's life but to a girl, it is the whole book."

(I have made liberal use of many quotes for this post. Don't remember the source)


Cinderella said...

okay... as I have already written on my blog about a strange habit of getting sad over blogposts considering them to be truth, even your post made me sad... don't know why...

as usual... a nice write up :)

ApocalypsE said...

This is getting better and better...

I loved the SOB part, pointing to someone across the room part, love is a chapter/whole book part...

Just Awesome!!!...

Tara said...

My daddy is the tough guy Ali! He never told me he has a dual personality! ;)

Thank you for using my name, I have been immortalized! *sigh* :P

A great write-up as usual with a generous dose of quotes! Wonderful! :)

PS-Always wanted to ask, what does you blog name mean? What is Edhey Thumbi Haaduvenu? :)

velusamy said...

I loved the way how Dhanya goes around for a while, gains moemetum, comes right back at prem.. well written..

Charmed One! said...

Yup i totally agree with Dhanya...

/* She will never forget nor forgive. Love may be only a chapter in a guy's life but to a girl, it is the whole book. */

So Prem better resolve the issues soon with Simran :) ...

moi said...

Yeah dhanya has her part, its upto prem to relaise that small fights happen so that two souls can more closer than ever.instead of heading opposite direction.
I am hoping prem realizes his mistake soon. else I will start believing that it is very easy for the boys after all!!

Suresh Kumar said...

@ Cindrella
Sad things do happen.... and we have to get over them

@ ApocalypseE
Thanx a lot...

@ Tara
The name was just a coincidence... Anyway I am happy that you liked it.

@ Veluswamy
Sometimes young people can also deliver a punch and that too on the face

@ Charmed One
Hmmm.... No.... Something is not allowing Prem to go back to Simran though he knows what pain Simran is going through...

@ Moi.
Sometimes the boys think from a wholistic view point and put their family before their love interest.
I know its wrong.... but its the truth and its not correct.
Heard this quote - 'When there is love, the boy becomes timid and the girl becomes courageous'
I am being frank... I know you would hate the above words.

Suresh Kumar said...

@ Tara
Edhey Thumba Haaduvenu means signing to a heart' content.

Its a famous poem by a Kannada Poet.

Smi said...

and so many times we want to open the unfinished book in our life.Memories haunt

moi said...

yeah I hate the lines, But I would agree with you, that in interest of parents,I think we need to let it go.

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