Thursday, March 19, 2009

Waiting for a miracle!

Everything was coming to an end. The battle of egos continued for some time. Prem and his girlfriend Simran maintained their status quo. So as a mutual understanding but without discussing with the other, each decided to write off the other from their lives. A one year long sweet relationship was being silently buried forever and with no intention of being opened again.

Dhanya saw the sorry state of Prem and tried to break the ice, "Prem.... Do you think Miracles do happen?"
Prem didn't even mind looking at her and replied immediately, "Yeah.... They do....", and then suddenly paused for a moment and then continued, "Only in bollywood movies and Ekta Kapoor serials."
Dhanya laughed and shared with Prem the cause for the laughter, "It reminds me of Rakhee's character in Karan Arjun..." and she imitated Rakhee's tone, "Mere Karan Arjun Aayenga.... zaroor Aayenga...."
Prem commented on the character, "Instead of waiting for all those eighteen years for her sons to take rebirth, she could have hired some contract killers.... Remember A Season in Hell by Jack Higgins where the protogonist hires this Irish Guy to find out her step son's killer. Now that's practical"

Prem tried to bury himself in some magazine. But Dhanya continued, "But I do believe.... miracles do happen.... Then how do you explain the child that was born to that couple that lives on the first street, after their ten years of marriage, when all doctors had lifted their hands in helplessness"
Prem turned to her, "Hmm.... That was hope.... hope for that beautiful day that was kept alive by the couple... . Like Shakespeare has said, 'The miserable have no other medicine, but only hope'. I don't term it a miracle."
Dhanya, "Yeah! Still better.... They could have adapted some child a very long time ago and given it a new life...instead of running from temple to temple and praying for a miracle."

Prem was about to walk away from there when Dhanya interrupted one last time, "But all expect miracles. The student who has not at all prepared for the exams expects a miracle of passing. When the Indian cricket team is faced with a no-win situation, the die-hard cricket fans expect a miracle and see their country victorious...."
But Prem wasn't listening, he was already on the move. That's when Dhanya announced with a loud and a clear voice, "Even a broken heart expects a miracle! It expects its love to return to it and waits for that miracle to happen..."
Prem turned and then bursted out at Dhanya, "Now thats the height of stupidity. Instead of waiting for something that's not gonna happen, its better to continue with the life. The greatest MIRACLE of all is this life. Love Life.... Live Life.... Its beautiful.."
Dhanya had now Prem's attention,"Oh Yeah!.... So truly said!", her tone was very sarcastic,"So Mr Preacher.... whom are you yelling at? Is it me who requires this advice ? ..... Its time you stopped brooding over old matters and started living your life... Welcome Back!"


Cinderella said...

well its true... time seems impossible to pass, now... but would it remain the same after five years?... wouldn't we be laughing on our follies, we presently synonym with agony.

Good that Prem has Dhanya to remind him of some blunt facts...

moi said...

nice conversation and thankfully dhanya is there to make prem realize the beauty of life

starbender said...

Just flew in 2 say:

. (\ /).(¯`♥´¯). Happy Spring!!!
. ( . .) `*.¸.*´ luv Starbender
c(")(") ~♥☆.•´¯`•.☆.•´¯`•.☆

ApocalypsE said...

Dhanya... She's the best...:)

P.S. I saw August Rush on your advice... The movie was great... Thanks to you:)

Priya Joyce said...

the piece of fiction conveys real lyf..strange but maaaaan gaye aap ko...


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