Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Early Morning 6.00 AM:
Simran was doing her usual jogging rounds when she was forced to give way for a bicycle who irritated her by his constant ringing. It was not even six in the morning. 'what is the hurry for this teenager' thought Simran. Simran assumed that he must be going for the cricket session that is happening in the local ground. She told her jogging partner " Early morning, is the time to revive the lost energy and focus on the mind rather than waste energy on mindless game like cricket"

Noon 12.00 PM:
Though it was october, there was a lot of discomfort. So Simran thought of sneaking out of office and getting a cup of ice cream. And whom did she find at the cash counter. The same teenager who was collecting the change from the cashier. The teenager didn't even look at her. Simran said to her colleague "He is my new neighbour, staying with his uncle. But look at him, not even looking this side." Colleague commented as they saw the teenager moving towards a table where a beautiful chick was seated, "How can he recognize you, when he is with someone special."

Night 9.30 PM.
After sitting late at office, Simran started her journey back home. And whom did she find in the bus. Yeah the same teenager. The weighty college bag was dangling from his back. Simran thought to herself, as she heard the boys discussing about movies, "Must be returning after watching some first show."

Late Night 11.00 PM
After dinner, Simran sat on the porch for some time with her mother and saw the same teenager in his verendah talking over the mobile. Simran getting disgusted "Look at him, Mom. Early morning he dashes off in his bicycle probably for that cricketing session. Afternoon, he is in the ice cream parlor with someone special. Returns very late from college and now at this hour speaking probably sweet nothings."

Mother was quick to retort. "Wrong, child. You have got him all wrong. He wakes up early and works as a newspaper boy. Then he goes to the ice cream parlor and works as a waiter there. For him, as a waiter boy, only tables are important. So probably he didn't even notice you. Then he goes to the evening college to complete his graduation, When he gets some time in the night, he takes his uncle's mobile and gives his poor mother in the village a ring"

Simran felt very bad and angry at herself for thinking in that fashion. She remembered a quote which she read somewhere, "It's better to understand a little rather than misunderstand a lot"

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V. Archana said...

wow,u write prety good stories with morals in it.
ya.its really bad to get into wrong conclusions about people.
nice blog. :)


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