Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Boy, My Hero

An alliance had been fixed for Priya and her marriage was due in a month. Simran was curious to know how the romance was going on between the lucky two.

Priya looked somber when Simran mentioned romance. Priya "As Girls, we expect a lots of romance. We dream a lot. But reality is different. Don't misunderstand me. My would-be is a gem of a person. But the problem is he need to take a crash course on romance."

Simran didn't want to pester Priya for reasons for such a statement. But Girls would be more willing to tell their stories even if one doesn't ask for the same. So Priya continued "I remember after the engagement, I said that we need to meet at some lonely and quiet place. So he picked me up and took me to a very quite place."
Simran was quite excited "So You went to some Park ?"
Priya with a dull face "No! We went to a Ganesha temple"
Simran seeing the disappointment on Priya's face comforted her "Thank your stars, that he had not selected Graveyard. Its still quiter place."
Priya felt otherwise "That would have been better. When we were in the temple, they had a Pravachana and my would-be got immersed into it and while returning discussed in length on the same."

Simran was enjoying the same, but didn't want to display the same. Priya continued "After some days, we decided to meet again. I made it clear that I would like some place where young people gather and spend their quality time. I had the local shopping complex in my mind."
Simran was thinking of where the hero would have taken her to "Hmm. And where did your prince lead you?"
Priya with some smile on her face that didn't say that she was happy "He got nostalgic when I said young people and quality people. He took me to his college library and really that was a big embarrassment"

Simran thought some advice would do some good "Ask him to take you to a movie".
Priya "That was also tried. I thought he would get two seats in the back. But he got two seats in the front row. His idea was that Horror movie can be best enjoyed by viewing it from the front seat."
Simran "Now that should have been fun. Watching a horror movie with your loved one?"
Priya "Fun !. It was like that Mr Bean Episode where he went to a horror movie with his girlfriend. Not that worse. In the climax, when there was real horror and I wanted to hold his hand, I found it missing. My Hero was more fear filled than me and was holding his Rudrakash mala in his hand and uttering repeatedly his God's Name."

Now Simran really couldn't control the laughter, "So what have you decided. To break the relationship."
Priya "No Way. He is a gem of a person. All I need to do is make a Man out of Him. I love him da"
Just then her mobile rang and beamed the name ShakthiMaan. Simran looked at her quizzingly.
Priya with a slight blush "Its him. He adores ShakthiMaan."

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