Friday, September 19, 2008

Boys don't cry

Most of the time, I have heard this statement, I felt how wrong the statement is. Not only boys, but also grown ups cry a lot. And sometimes they do it for the silliest of the reasons.

Recalling a news bit of some four-five years back when a politician cried aloud in the vidhana soudha saying that no one gives him a chance to speak. Emotional outburst.

Not long back, a movie had been released in Kannada with the full intention of making boys go for their handkerchief. The movie was Mungaru Male. I remember a girl telling me of how she laughed when she saw her male friends shedding tears on the sentiment filled dialogues of the tragic hero.

I have got a good example at home. When my grandfather (Mother's father ) died of old age (eighty plus), my father cried buckets that too on the thirteenth day causing real embarrassment to my mother. Mother and other relatives kept watching with shock at this tough guy weeping out his heart aloud.

I seemed to have inherited this feature from my father. Tears download very fast from my eyes. A soft click on my emotions is sufficient enough to start the process. So now, a separation from a good friend has initiated the process.

By way of tears, one can either reduce his grief or get more sucked into pain. The option is with the beholder of the tears.

1 comment:

preetham said...

i think it depends on how you take situations- emotinally or just accept it as a part of life.

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