Sunday, September 7, 2008

Monday Morning Blues

It was a monday morning. Prem never thought that his office would come to a standstill that morning.

It was some time before the office settled down to work. Half of them were late as they landed directly from their hometown and the rest half had stories to tell of how they spent their weekends. The office hours on monday should be made from 11.00 AM TO 7.00 PM, thought Prem. But at exact 11.00 AM, the powers went off. Without their hands on the system and the air conditioner to cool them, everyone seemed to be restless. Maintenance department was put to work immediately. The problem was resolved within half an hour. But someone had good time with the power setup and backups, came the report from the Maintenance department.

As the office was about to return to normal, at around noon, all the communication lines failed. Someone was about to order a cup of coffee; Someone was sending a file over the mail; Someone's friend just made an appearance in the chat room; Someone was about to reply to the naukri advertisement. Corporate world. Everything would be solved within an hour. And by lunchtime, it was back to normal. But coffee time was over; the file was handed over personally; the friend's status showed idle in the chat room. Prem was now sure that someone was playing with the systems and started his investigation to reach to the top of the issue.

It's usually that in the after-lunch session, that the usual work begins. And most of the work is done on some software and on some platform. And that's when the workers of this prestigious organization found that the software was completely down. In the modern world, computer users remember God more when there is a software crash rather than during a natural calamity or a disaster. Some in this very small organization also contemplated that this could be a virtual terror attack.

At this point, Prem had the culprit caught. It was Rajan, working with the software division, who was responsible for the all the happenings since morning. Rajan was senior to Prem and was working in the organisation for the last two years. Prem started interrogating.
"Why today? Are you unhappy with something." Rajan seemed to have made up his mind of not disclosing his intention.
"Are you unhappy with the appraisal ? Do you think the raise in salary given is peanuts ?" The answers were obvious and so Rajan just gave a smile and didn't return with an answer.
"Do you find the work routine and pathetic ? Would you like to handle some more responsibility ?" The work was more than routine and pathetic. It was just Control-C and Control-V and following a set of instructions. So Rajan hardly moved his lips.
Just then his mobile buzzed and Rajan suddenly came to life and leaped from his chair. It was definitely his girlfriend . "Where were you? Since Friday evening, I was trying your Number" Rajan had missed his girlfriend badly during the weekend.
Prem also heard the soothing voice of the girlfriend from the other end of the phone, reply "I was very busy with my cousin's wedding. Gussa Ho Mujhe Pe?" And our hero Rajan replied comfortably "Haan. Thoda Sa. Magar Don't worry. Gussa Utharne Keliye Poora Office Hain Naan"
Now Prem understood the entire issue. One girl was responsible for his office coming to a standstill. Why do Girls make the boys so restless thought Prem. Prem showed empathy with Rajan and closed the matter there itself saying that is was unintentional.

(Inspired from the lines from 'A Wednesday' - "Gussa utharne Keliye Poora Shaher Hain Naan")

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