Friday, August 8, 2008

Last Benchers

Prem had volunteered to teach in this NGO run school. On the first day, the Head Master of the school, had asked him to sit along with the students and learn the way others teachers take their lessons.

The class was Xth and Prem took the last bench. From Morning to evening, he actively listened to the classes and made his notes. Sitting in the last bench, he learn t more from the student's angle rather the teacher's angle. His mind loved to be with these boys who were in their threshold of the youth.

At the end of the day, as he prepared to leave, he was summoned to the Headmaster's room and was asked to give a report on the lessons he learnt for the day.

"Well. Chemistry Lecturer really striked the chemistry in the kids, even if the subject was boring." How did the Headmaster understood doesn't matter. But Prem was thinking of the chemistry brought out between the last bencher Rahul and the girl in the fifth row because of the boring lecture. Exchange of glances and smiles was going out throughout the class.

"History Class taught me that the stories and facts of the past can also be wonderfully presented." What all he really remembered from that class was the the story of Rich Girl Pooja eloping with the local newspaper boy Francis, presented beautifully by the not-so-studious Mithun. This history of 3 years love required the entire class of 45 minutes, but Mithun was able to hold the interest of his fellow classmates. At the same time, boys made the teacher feel happy by having their eyes only focussed on the board .

"Algebra class was like a suspense movie with kids trying to find out the unknowns." While front benchers were really busy with finding out the value of X and Y, last benchers along with Prem were busy trying to analyse about the unknowns like who could be Tina's boyfriend, what did Shyam say to Uma for her to blush like that.

The Head Master liked Prem for his said comments and asked "You have good analytical capabilities and you will pick up the tricks of the profession very quickly. But why did you go and sit in the last bench?"

Prem's reply was very simple "Life cannot be known and enjoyed by sitting in the first bench."


Jyothi said...

good one....i liked it..............:)))))))))))))))

Cinderella said...

Prem qualifies to get into my class..

.. lots of chemical reactions.
.. lots of confusion.
and every one trying to find out just one thing - "what the hell are we doing here"?

however, the sad thing is, its a lecture theater kinda thing and hence even the back benchers are well visible. But never-mind.. we have become used to of professors' eyes and they have got used to of ours.

Charmed One! said...

So true!! You can know whats happening in and around the class only if you are a last bencher :) !!!

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