Friday, August 15, 2008

Opposites Attract

Prem wanted to shout like they do in the movies "Why Me ?" He had been the chosen to accompany Miss Shalini for some training in Bangalore. Don't get him wrong. It's not that Prem hates girls or is afraid of girls. It's just that he cant play the role of a guide for a girl.

They got the best seat in the volvo bus and that too together. After waving all the goodbyes, Prem tried to strike a conversation with her. Prem knew her since his college years. During her college life, Shalini was married to her studies. So Prem didn't knew where actually to start.
Still he tried "We should have taken the option of traveling by train. What do you say ? " Her answer didn't allow him to further explore that subject "When we are traveling at night, bus or train would hardly make any difference."
He was not to be dissuaded and tried to broach another subject "Don't you feel that these training etc are a wasteful exercise. Whatever we need to learn would be learned only when working on a real job." Blunt came the girl's reply, looking outside the window "I am not paid for thinking about those things."
He had enough for the day and decided to not to utter another word and not even look at her side. She took a book and gave him a wicked smile before getting deep into the books.

After sometime, Prem heard the girl's voice " I need to say something to you. Something very special." Prem hated the word special and especially when it is used by girls. He didn't turn around to see her face.
But the girl continued in a very soft voice that made Prem more nervous " I always liked you and your mannerisms in the college days." What mannerisms was she talking about. He didn't do anything like Rajnikanth or Salman Khan.
Then there was the icing on the cake. The girl just said it. "I Love You....". Sweat started dropping from Prem's face. Bus was already on its way to Bangalore. He cant return to his home. He was stuck with this girl for another three days. All dreadful thoughts of what could happen came to Prem's mind. The girl continued to repeat the golden words as if she wanted the entire bus to hear her "I Love You... I Love You... Vinay". Prem got alerted as his name was not Vinay.

He just turned around to see the girl talking in her sleep. But then he laughed a lot. Not because she was talking in the sleep. But because she had selected Mr Vinay. It was a real eye-opener to Prem that Love was totally blind. The thought that someone like Mr Vinay with his spectacles, and oil applied hair, and a skeleton apparition, can sweep a girl like Shalini ,who was truly beautiful ,off her feet made him laugh. He remembered the words from the cartoon strip Peanuts "Opposites attract. She was everything and he was nothing."

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Cinderella said...

well 'nothing' is a dicey word, just like the looks.. and its all about perception. May be the girl found in Vinay, what all she wanted to have in her life partner - caring, true, honest, loving and most important, having similar dreams.

.. okay, may be I am thinking a lot :)

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