Monday, August 18, 2008

Little do we know

Little do we know of the surprises a day has in store for us. It could be one of the fateful days when we really achieve something worthwhile or it could be the day which could make us smile a lot. It could be one of those days which you wished you never had encountered.

Little did Abhinay Bindra knew on that fateful day - that he would win a gold medal and his life would change forever.

Little did this gentleman scientist from America knew on that unfortunate day - that his dearest wife whom he had married against the objections of many would go into a coma and will never wake up.

Little did this fresh movie makers team from Karnataka knew when the movie was released - that their small venture titled Mungaru Male would go on to become the highest grosser in the history of kannada cinema

Little did this God fearing businessman from my hometown knew on that holy day when he had gone to Tirupathi to ask for God's blessings - that he would lose his only son to a fatal accident.

Though we know very little, we act and behave as if we have mastered the universe and are able to predict its next move with all probabilities of success. Unfortunately the masters of the universe have a different plan game. Little do we know about that.

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