Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Surprise Element

When anyone graduates from the college, irrespective of the curriculum, one definitely majors in the subject called the opposite sex. But Sridhar was an exception. Now after three years, he seems to have sat for the supplementary and now waiting for the results.
He had asked Prem to accompany him as he had butterflies in his stomach. Sridhar was on his way to meet his online friend Shravya whom he had never ever seen before. He had befriended some three months ago on the google chat room and they chatted on a regular basis and now she wanted to meet him.

Prem definitely didn't make Sridhar comfortable. He gave all the weird pictures of how the girl could be " She could be a married woman, who wants to come out of the clutches of her abusive and suspicious husband. When you meet her, her husband would be behind some tree waiting to shoot you down the minute you get down the car." Sridhar brushed it away saying "If that is true, and since you are accompanying me, I pray to God, that let him mistake you for me."
Prem gave another possibility "What it turns she turns out to be some nymphomaniac or charmer. Remember what happened to Saif Ali Khan in the Dil Chahtha Hain Goa episode." Sridhar again replied maintaining his cool "Do you feel, I would prey to such tricks. Its only a cup of coffee." Prem just let out a grin "Anything can happen over a cup of coffee"
Prem thought of a new angle "What if he turns out like one of us ?". Sridhar didn't get the point at all. Prem elaborated "What if he is boy and you know......". He didn't want to further explain. Sridhar just couldn't stand it "Goddamit. Why can't u think positively. If it turns out like you said, you can have her or him or whatever it is. Well, I am not that type."

At last they were at the coffee shop. Boys looked out to see any beautiful girl anticipating someone. They asked the lady over the counter as to whether any Shravya had booked a table. The lady pointed at the table on the left most corner.

What they saw was a school girl who was probably sixteen years old. Sridhar didn't knew how to handle this. He was completely disappointed and also was feeling very awkward. They sat down and that's when Prem decided to speak to the girl "It's not proper for you to meet a stranger like this. Luckily you have run into Sridhar, who is a good gentleman", looks at Sridhar to confirm what he has told and continues "There are wolves and foxes out there waiting to pounce upon unsuspecting and innocent deers that want to roam freely in the wild. The beauty and fragrance is bound to attract all kinds of wrong people when you come out of the comforts of your home. Think about it. Enjoy the life but don't overdo it. Your parents respect and honor is in your hands."
They left her at the school doorsteps and waved her goodbye.
Prem later consoled Sridhar "Don't worry. There is always next time. Prepare for the next supplementary."

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