Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Morning Snapshots

The best way to start a day is to get up early morning along with the Big Brother Mr Sun.

The Mornings are always pleasant. A walk or a jog will open you to the real beauty of the nature.

There are beautiful images of mornings that have been stored in my memory's album. Trying to recall such mornings over here.

Fascinating thing about Mysore is the very spacious roads with huge trees on both the sides. These trees would be standing equidistant from each other that it reminds me of the military discipline. These big and fat trees on both the sides of the road would have their huge trunks and branches leaning towards the center of the road (The suns rays are split when they pass through the leaves). Once, early morning, while returning from a night audit on such a road, I saw these four cute school girls with their standard yet colorful chudidhar uniform and double braided hair with lots of jasmine, on their cycles and occupying the whole road as if they were princesses of mysore and moving with perfect synchronization like the birds in the sky do. And as they crossed a small temple, they gave their salutations to the God in their own special manner. First the heads sway to the left,then right hand moves towards the heart, eyes would be closed, then the hand will move towards the lips. All this in tandem. This would make for a perfect snapshot( Scattered Sunlight,spreading tree Trunks, Empty Road and on that road these four beautiful creatures of God with perfect devotion exhibited).

Second one I remember is this snapshot from a temple visit. During my college days, I used to frequent a temple early morning. There was this young visitor, a small girl of around 10 who came to the temple with her mischievous young brother who was around 6. The girl would hold the boy in one hand while making the rounds. The girl seemed to be concentrating on God and the boy was concentrating on everything else other than the God. When it came to taking the prasadam, the girl would take the kumkum and then apply the same on the boys forehead. That scene, when that young girl applies the kumkum carefully on her younger brothers forehead (the boys eyes would move upwards trying to see if the kumkum has landed on the proper spot or not) has been clicked and stored in my memory.

Now I understand why they say 'Sometimes, the time stands still'. Its nothing but God capturing the beauty of the moment.

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Thirumalesh said...

This blog is mesmerizing it navigates me through those great unforgettable mornings of life. This is a cool blog you are a great writer.

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