Sunday, July 6, 2008


Yesterday I found myself giving advice to a friend regarding his love life. How can one give advice to others on matters one never really has experience. Mouth and hands are always to be kept busy and maybe so I found myself advising my friend. Come On, there are so many people giving such nonsense advices over radio and television, what's wrong with me giving one to a close pal.

Then Suddenly I found myself wearing a white robe with too many necklaces and bracelets , like Shri Shri (I don't know how many shris are there) Ravi Shankar, addressing a gathering of thousands. I saw the board and it read 'THE ART OF LOVING'.

And then this less than normal person came to me for advice, addressing me as Guruji, of how to express his love. And then the session started.

Me: Sit down in a lonely place and write a beautiful poem on her.
He: Whenever I sit down to read or write, those letters start to dance.
(My first case and a grown up dyslexic. He seems to come straight out of Taare Zaamen Par.)

Me: Then try to put down your feelings in a picture. A picture speaks more than 1000 words.
He: Whenever I hold the paintbrush in my hands, my hands start to tremble.
(I was about to ask him whether he had murdered any human being or animal, but controlled myself)

Me: Then give her a rose or a bouquet. That would let her know your feelings for her.
He: But I am allergic to the smell of flowers or roses. It causes me to sneeze violently.
(What if she wore a string of jasmine buds in her hair when you go to meet her ? )

This doesn't seem to have a solution, but I heard myself say "Go and look into her eyes and say nothing, nothing at all. If she understands your silence, she is yours....". Before I could complete, he had already vanished. At least you read the complete sentence " If she doesn't understand, don't stay there. If you do, you will get a slap on your face."

"Who is Next?"

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